How To Write A Persuasive Essay And Citation Techniques

Persuasive or argument essay writing involves logical explanations to differentiate and demonstrate that one idea is better than the other. As the name states, it influences readers thought to follow or accept a particular point or action. The only thing it requires is authentic information, concrete evidence, and rational reasons because without them, you won’t be able to convince the user to accept what you wrote is correct. This type of essay requires extensive research and cognitive skills because, without them, you won’t be able to complete its primary purpose. You might need to consult some experts, gather data from them, and search for answers over the internet.

It is a time taking process as you have to go through several books, journals, other magazines, agency sites, perform a statistical investigation, surveys, Blogs and the most important of all, discussion with experts in your selected topic. In this specific type of essay, the writer provides information on an explicit topic with the assistance of gathered evidence because, without it, you won’t be able to convince the reader, plus the data you provide might give the wrong impression about the topic. It would help if you let the person reading your essay know that you have all the knowledge in the world about that topic and give a logical reason to believe.

How To Write A Persuasive Essay
Write A Persuasive Essay

There are several rudiments involved when it comes to writing a persuasive essay. You will need to write a crystal clear thesis statement that goes with your idea and concentrates on your primary purpose. This opening paragraph is treated like an introduction or a teaser that catches the interest of the reader. The rest of the sections that are a part of the article utilize your research work to put the light on challenging points.

 How To Write A Persuasive Essay?

Most of the essay types follow a simple structure based on five paragraphs; if the length is not suggested by your professor, then you can keep it short to stay precise. The first or introductory paragraph contains a short and snappy thesis statement; the next three include information, evidence, “Whys” and the last one is the concluding section that enfolds the entire topic and goes through the discussed points once again, this is where the reader will get the final intuition of the writer.

It is not essential to write an essay based on five paragraphs, you can always add extra or even lessen the length, but it all depends on how much you are going to write, which is decided by the complexity of the topic you choose. Mostly when you are assigned a task, the professor gives all the necessary instructions that a student can follow because a beginner will always need some help at the start. Later, when the learners experience different essay types and assignments, they can efficiently work on all of its kinds. You can take the following steps to make sure you are following the correct format and are not averting from your topic:

  • This is where you are assigned an essay; you go through the whole requirements and carefully understand the subject. Also, if you get a chance to pick a topic, then find the one you are most interested in, in this case, less research work will be required, and you will be able to compose it in high quality and with extra care.
  • Now it is time to create a “to-do list,” where you will add all the essential topics you need to research about. Add questions you already know about and see what else is required in order to complete your findings. Also, in this tree, add a list of “What Else” you can include providing references for evidence.
  • It would be best if you were sure because what you will write is going to convince readers, and it is the whole point. So, think carefully, clear your views, and go through the information once again for clarifying any doubts. When you get into the research phase, you can always take a piece of advice from the experts and see what they think about your topic. Moreover, your opinions matter a lot because they will inform the reader about your perspective.
  • In the writing stage, try your best to add authentic content that can echo your view on the theme precisely. You don’t have to come up with information that requires extraordinary knowledge; you just need to avoid common reasons that people already know about.
Write A Persuasive Essay
Write A Persuasive Essay

Revision & Error Fixing

The first step to eradicate errors is by going through your entire article without using any online programs. If you don’t remove the mistakes, then the text will look disrupted, and you would never want your instructor to point such errors out. These errors can profoundly affect your final score, which is why it is essential to eliminate such causes. Re-read the opening statement from a user’s point of view and see if it is convincing or not. You will need to:

  • Polish your creative skills to be able to write paragraphs that can totally grasp a reader’s attention. Additionally, the content has to be genuine because you are proving something right or wrong in comparison with something else.
  • There are several tools available over the internet to assist a writer in fixing plagiaristic or grammatical mistakes. Still, as they are not based on artificial intelligence, these programs don’t know the difference between homophonic or homonym words. It is one of many reasons why proofreading every sentence of your document is necessary.

Writing a persuasive essay is the most common assignment in university life, whose primary function is to convince a user that why a particular act can change one's perception about something. The arguments that are a part of the essay that can be in support of the title or they can be totally not in its favor. The content cannot hold both the point of view because we are convincing the reader to accept an explicit case.

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