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“Terms & Conditions” It is imperative to go through the entire content of this page because it can change the way you think about the use of the website with the domain name “Essay48”!


By visiting this particular website, you are bound to follow all the rules and regulations stated in this document and the ones mentioned in the privacy policy. Once you land on any page of this site or use any of our services, you agree to follow all the conditions that are part of these two documents “Privacy Policy” & “Terms & Conditions.” These rules are applicable to all current and new users or visitors of the website “Essay48”. Any person who is utilizing our links for the referral program and the people who are connected to our site by any means accept all the rules stated in these documents. If you don’t agree to follow any of the conditions, then you are not allowed to use or even access the website essay48.

This page contains the terms “Your,” Client,” You”! All of these are used to refer to the person reading this document or who is going to access our website for any reason. These expressions are entirely for the people who are new to the site, current users or using the link for any purpose. Once you arrive on any page of the site from the search engine results page, you will have to follow all the declared regulations.

Eligibility Criteria

There are a few things to keep in mind before accessing the website; all the requirements are mentioned in this section and can be found below. In addition, it is essential to add correct details on our site because we need to validate the data by using your contact information. If the information you add is misleading or incorrect, then your request will be rejected immediately, and depending upon the severity of the situation, we can take any legal action as well.

Moreover, you won’t be given a second chance to modify the details of the order, which is why make sure to enter precise information regarding the subject. If, by any chance, you don’t find yourself eligible after going through the criterion, then you are not permitted to use any feature or are allowed to access the website. You can read the eligibility standard below and check if you qualify to use our site or not.

Age Requirement & Correct Information

You must be (18) years old in order to use our services. If you are not, then you are not allowed to place an order.

All the data that you enter during the sign-up process has to be authentic and must be written without any errors. If we fail to verify your identity or the information you add in the order section contains misleading content, then your request will be rejected, and you won’t be able to create an account. We will not notify the user of this happening, and if you have created a profile, then we will erase all the data from our servers.

Account Usage

The content we provide in the papers must only be used for educational purposes; you are not allowed to make copies for distribution and use the documents we supply for the motives of establishing a business. You are not allowed to trade the data, and it will remain our property. If we find that you have been restricted from making use of the type of services we provide, then we will inform the concerning authorities right away. In addition, you are not permitted to create several accounts, and if you try to do so, as a penalty, your IP address can be banned.

Order Placing

This is the page of the website, where you will submit your request for completing your work. You will need to fill in all the recommended sections with precise information, and if the details you enter contain deceptive text, then we will not accept your order. If the data you add in the instructions segment is not relevant to the subject or contains errors, it will still be used because you haven’t made us aware of the situation. If you recognize that you have made a mistake, then make sure to contact the support immediately and let them know about the problem. If you want us to increase the number of words after you have placed an order, then you will need to upload the price accordingly, and in case you are providing us with content to adjust as it is, then it’s not a problem.

We will take strict actions under the following conditions:

  • If you are not providing us with correct information, then we will not accept your order and may put your account on hold until you contact the support and let them know about the situation.
  • If the details you add in the order-placing phase in the instructions zone contain errors that you didn’t fix, we will still use the content and place in the sections where you wanted, but it will not be checked for errors. If you accidentally upload the document that contains mistakes, then contact the support right after placing an order to provide them with an error-free file.
  • If in case you are not giving us enough details to work with onto your project, then it might take some extra hours and pass the deadline. Besides, the word estimated used with the deadline doesn’t point to an exact date or time.
  • If you had made a request for revision, even when all your requirements were followed accurately, then you will not be eligible for any further reviews. If the content does not contain any errors, then you are not allowed to make a revision request.


When you are done with adding details in the order section, it is imperative to upload the amount that has been calculated and displayed on the order page. If you do not upload the demanded amount, then your request will be put on hold for a while and will be canceled after a specific time. All the services we provide on our website are paid. Read the essential points about the order placement procedure below:

  • The amount is calculated after the system goes through your requirement, the primary factors that significantly affect the evaluation of payment are, number of words, subject, and deadline.
  • We will only deduct the amount mentioned in the order section, and there are no hidden charges, rest depends on your location because tax authorities in your region might deduct a small percentage from the amount for making an international transaction. You will be solely responsible for paying the duties that become part of the fee you upload.
  • You cannot contact the bank to stop the payment from being uploaded if you do then you will not be able to use any of our services, your account will be disabled, and we may open a dispute depending on the severity of the matter.
  • If you make a payment from a stolen credit card, then you should know it is a dangerous, illegal activity, and you will have to face penalties for that. In case we learn about the unlawful action of yours, then we will contact the concerned authorities right away and make them aware of the situation.
  • If the paper we deliver contains significant mistakes that cannot be fixed and you apply for a refund, then you need to know that by doing so, you will be giving all the rights back to Essay48 regarding the paper. The refund will be made according to the rules mentioned in the refund policy, so go through them to learn about how we reimburse the amount.

Loyalty Program

When users place an order on our website, “Essay48,” they will receive a small percentage of cash back on the total paid amount. It can be immediately put to use while placing a second order; also, you will be rewarded with a 5$ signup bonus, which will be available to use on the next order. If you keep submitting a new request and collect money in your account, you will be able to use a twenty-five percent of that amount on each order you place. The rewards you are earning from this program cannot be refunded or traded for real money.


You will be eligible for revisions if the paper we deliver contains errors that you cannot fix. The mistakes as the work include plagiarism more than the limit set by your institute, or it contains misleading content. In both cases, you qualify for three free revisions with thirty-day validity. You must submit a request after finding the errors in thirty days; otherwise, if a month has passed, then your application will be treated as a new order, and you will have to upload the fee calculated according to your necessities.


If you do not provide us with valid information, your account will be terminated, and you won’t be able to place a submit a new request again. If we even feel a shred of suspicion, we’ll require you to upload your documents for verification, and we can also reach out to other websites for this purpose. Our system has a strict fraud detection program enabled, which makes sure all the supplied data is authentic. Our methods for validating data involve contacting the person placing the order to be sure if the provided number is real, and in case our system isn’t able to confirm your information, then you will be required to upload your documents for proof.

The contact information is vital in all the cases because it will not only be used for confirmation goals but also for making contact in case the writer needs some extra information regarding your assignment. We use email addresses for notification purposes, and if we make any changes in the privacy policy or terms of the website, you will be notified via mail. If you do not agree with the procedure we utilize for verification, then you are not allowed to use any of the features present on the website.

Limitations of Liability

Essay48 will not be held responsible if you were not able to improve your grade, or if you fail to proofread the final paper, or the outcome if you provide the article to your instructor in the same shape you received. It is essential to go through the entire document before submitting it to your professor. All the data that we enter in black and white is for educational objectives only and will remain the property of essay48, therefore use the delivered paper judiciously.


The delivered data by Essay48 is under no circumstance can be counted in your possessions. It will always be part of our copyright, and the text inside the document will remain our property according to all the international laws. These papers cannot be used for business purposes and must only be utilized for educating oneself. Sharing the data with a third person, as in supplying the material in the market or let someone else use it without our written permission, means you are violating the copyrights and laws. We will, under these circumstances, make the paper public on the internet and will not be responsible for any outcome.


The testimonials/reviews from different clients are published on the website with the client’s initials only. We assure you the data we use in this section will not contain any of your personal information. In addition, the intention behind using your initials and text is for adding feedback, and if you find it uncomfortable, then you can submit a request to support for removal.

Essential things you need to know about “Term & Conditions.”

  • We can change any section of the website “Essay48”, which includes terms and conditions, and other pages of the site whenever we want.
  • You need to stay connected with your mail service provider in order to receive information on updates of the privacy policy, refund policy, or terms and conditions.
  • A banner will be added to the site, to inform the current users about the changes we have made. So make sure to visit the main page of the website frequently.