Terms and Conditions

This document named as "terms and conditions" carries the detail of all rules and conditions that are by default applicable to every visitor of the website, a customer or even a prospect. When a customer or a simple visitor visits this website, it is essential for him to abide by all the rules and conditions mentioned in this document.

When you hire any of our services, this implies that you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned here, along with the privacy policy and refund policy of the website. This document and all its clauses are applicable to all the direct visitors and also on those who land on our website through some referral links placed on third party websites. A person disagreeing with the whole document or even with any fraction of these terms and conditions along with other policies is not allowed to use any of our writing services.

Definition of Terms

Throughout the explanation of our terms and conditions, privacy policy and refund policy, certain terms would be used to address the people who are concerned. Below is the definition of all those terms.

"You", "your", "customer", "client" all of these terms will be used to refer or address those who willfully and voluntarily visit our website directly or indirectly and order any of our writing services. These terms are meant for simple visitors, current customers, and the prospects who plan to use our writing services in the future or have already availed any or every service of this website in the past. Every visitor of this website will be bound to follow all the terms and conditions along with other related policies of the website.

Legal Age Limit to Avail our Services

We are a professional academic writing company and we abide by all the rules and laws of the land. The law restricts us to only serve the adults with our writing services, those only who have already attained the legal age of 18 years. Any person below this age limit will not be entitled to avail any of our services. In a case where we later realize that a certain person working with us is below the legal age, we will instantly freeze the account, terminate the order without any prior intimation.

Submission of Correct Information to the Best of Your Knowledge

As far as the information is concerned, correct information is the soul of entire practice in the electronic medium of working. This is why it is crucial to always provide us a hundred percent authentic and genuine information. Any false or fabricated information will not be tolerated at all. In a case where the company realizes later about the falsehood of a certain client, we have all the right to immediately halt all our services, freeze the customer account and profile, keep him from placing any orders in the future until the correction of information. Every bit of information submitted to us is counter checked and verified, so it is advised to only submit a hundred percent correct information to prevent any unwanted or embarrassing situation.

Fair Usage Policy

Every paper or work we produce is meant to meet the needs of individuals, and every new paper has its unique needs. The customers are provided with the paper just for the guidance and inspirational purposes. None of the customers can make any commercial use of any of the content written by Essay48. Person paying for paper cannot claim this to be his own work and resultantly have no legal right to publish, print, or photocopy the work and trade it in the market, or sell it against a certain amount. Any such activity will be discouraged.

Account Creation

Each new or existing user is entitled to just one account or profile at the website with accurate information. In a case where we find any such inappropriate practice where one single user has created more than one accounts by submitting the fake information, we hold the right to freeze all the genuine and fake accounts associated with that certain person, halt all his ongoing orders, retain all the funds and not to work until the correction of facts, deletion of all fake accounts.

On creating a new account, you get a $5 sign up reward that is credited to your personal user account. In a case you refer someone to our website, you will get another $5 reward once the new customer places an order and pays for it. These credit rewards can be redeemed in your next order.

Redeeming the credit funds is subject to a condition. You can redeem only half of the total sum to be paid with your credit funds available in your user account, while the remaining half or 50% will have to be paid through any medium of payment of your convenience. In simple words, only half of the total cost can be compensated through credit funds. Rest is to be paid no matter how many credit dollars are still left in your account.

Company keeps coming with various attractive discounts that can be availed by both new and old customers. To avail these discounts, contact our chat support team which is 24/7 readily available for your assistance.

Links to Third Party Websites

As a very common marketing practice, our website “Essay48” may also contain various links to third-party websites that are not directly related to us. This is done as a common commercial practice. In such an event, a customer landing on a third party website will be solely responsible for all his acts, business, transactions, or communication with the third party. We bear no responsibility in any way for the acts of the third party websites at all.

Grade Improvement Grievances

As a professional academic writing company, we never guarantee any certain grades to the customers, instead, we guarantee the delivery of high quality papers. This entirely depends upon the customer to smartly utilize the model papers in order to improve his grade. Any of your grade improvement grievances will not be considered or addressed at all.

Order Placement

On our website, there is an option for order placement. By clicking on this option, you willfully agree to all our terms and conditions. After clicking here, you land on a fill-in form. A customer is supposed to fill in the form; none of the sections might be left blank.

Moreover, the form will acquire information regarding the scope of the paper. The word count, referencing style and each related information must be entered correctly as this would be used throughout the entire process. The client's instructions in this section will be considered ultimate, and any amendments made later verbally have a chance of missing, so make sure to fill this section with utmost care.

In a case where the customer complains about any missing element that was not mentioned in the initial requirements and explained verbally, the website will not take any responsibility at all. So in a case where you believe you have made a mistake in making the order and mentioning the requirements, make sure to contact the customer support team immediately. If the writer has already started working on your paper and enough work has been done on the paper, these corrections may cost you a certain additional price in proportion to the work done already.

In order to enhance the pages or word count in your order, you must inform the support team and the writer as well. In this case, all the additional words added later will be charged. Order placement is a very important segment, so make sure to double check the details you have entered, as it will certainly impact the final draft of the paper.

Terms Related to the Payment
  • Once you have entered all the details regarding your project, it is mandatory to pay for the order. Once you specify all your needs, you will be given an exact amount as the payment of the said order; we will not start working on your paper until you do not make the full payment of the order. In case of delayed payment, your order will be put on hold and after a certain time, this will permanently be deleted.
  • Additionally, it is also important to select the medium of payment from those mentioned on our website. Our financial transactions are only limited to these payment gateways; any other medium will not be acceptable. We never take hard cash or bank drafts.
  • The cost for each paper is calculated according to the demand of the client. Word count/pages, deadline etc., the more time in hand for completion, the lesser will it cost to you.
  • The company only charges the agreed and showed sum of money; we do not charge any kind of hidden charges or under any other head covertly. In the case of international clients, there might be a slight variation in payment depending on the different tax percentages or the local cost of making international payments. The company has nothing to do with this gap, nor do we carry the burden for this gap.
  • In a case where a customer pays the amount through a stolen bank card or without the consent of the real owner or holder of the card, this will be considered a severe misconduct. We will not accept any such payments and only the customer will be held accountable for this illegal activity.
Testimonials and Reviews of Clients

As a professional writing company, we are very sensitive to our clients' privacy and anonymity as this is their very basic human right. We publish the reviews and testimonials of actual clients on our website by displaying their names. These are published with an intention to show how exactly customers are satisfied with the work we do and how they associate themselves with us. In a case where a customer finds it inappropriate and does not want his identity to be revealed on our website, he has an absolute right to demand the removal of testimonial. A customer can demand this through the customer support team. We will make sure to remove your name and comment as soon as possible.

Final Word

The website holds the right to amend, part or certain clauses of the terms and conditions along with the other related policies at any time of its choice. This is not mandatory to seek permission or to inform the client individually. Though we may intimate through email or a simple banner on the website.

It is important to keep visiting your email address registered with the website as we make sure to do all necessary communication with the client for the sake of his information. Failing to visit the email address will be your fault.

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