Academic Integrity

Essay48 believes that academic integrity is an essential and shared value prevailing throughout higher education that emphasizes on presenting one's own work and properly acknowledging that of others.

Definition of Terms:
  • Company or

    is an online professional writing platform that ensures the highest educational standards by rendering assistance through qualified tutors/professional writers meanwhile strictly adhering to academic integrity.

  • Expert/Writer/Tutor

    is a qualified individual assigned by the company to deliver professional assistance in writing or completing assignments by providing a sample of a completed task purely for guidance and inspirational purposes.

  • A customer

    is a person who visits voluntarily in order to attain professional guidance and help from any of our concerned experts in writing or completing any academic task, or even for inspiration purposes, consults any of our pre-solved case studies samples.

  • Writing Service

    is a service provided by Essay48 through its experienced subject specialist experts on request of the customer while remaining within the confines of certain constraints like time, client instructions, word requirement, etc.

  • Delivery of writing service

    implies writing either fully or in parts, as requested by the customer, a high-quality error-free sample of an assignment precisely in compliance with the customer requirements for guidance and inspirational purposes, against a certain pre-decided fee.

  • Product

    here is perceived as a sample write up, whether in the form of an assignment, research paper, dissertation, term paper, or whatever the case may be, which is NEVER meant for submission to any university, college, academy, school or any other institution nor can it be reproduced for any financial gains.

    Essay48 is a staunch believer of academic integrity and actively participates in efforts to facilitate higher education.

In this document, we share our vision, and purpose of this Service

Essay48, a team of professional academics, mentors, tutors, and writing professionals, works with the pure intent of facilitating and promoting higher education and making it accessible to all and sundry by plugging all educational/institutional deficiencies that handicap even bright students. So we NEVER encourage the practice of trafficking educational materials since it serves no legit purpose or cause;

  • instead, it violates and compromises academic integrity. Furthermore, any such practice undermines the efforts of people and academic communities.
  • We believe that academic integrity is about building your knowledge and understanding based on referencing and giving the appropriate accolades to those who first came up with these original ideas. So our experts are never allowed to promote academic dishonesty in any shape or form. We strictly direct them to refrain from assisting in cheating, impersonation, misrepresentation, undue facilitation, fabrication, or any unethical activity.
  • Our experts never resort to cheating, plagiarism, academic policy violation, fraudulent activities, manipulation, maneuvering data, or any such abhorrent activity that damages the very essence of academic integrity. Since most of our experts belong to the academic fraternity, we spare no room for unethical or unfair practices that might blemish our reputation as an upright and honest company that stands by its professional norms and ethos.
Academic Dishonesty in Our Opinion

Passing off someone else's work, all or part, as your own. Including other persons' words either a direct quotation or paraphrasing without proper citation


Its academic dishonesty, whether copying someone else's work or obtaining it for your personal use no matter if you take permission or not


It is a kind of assistance in helping someone commit academic dishonesty. Even if it is not for your personal gain, it is still that bad


It involves altering transmitting academic information or records without prior authorization of the original source

Multiple submissions

Multiple submissions of a paper or a project for credit in multiple classes without instructor permission is another example of academic dishonesty


Falsely presenting oneself or engaging someone else to present as oneself in an examination or test by hiding the identity facts

All What We Strongly Condemn
  • Completing your school or college tasks on behalf of some other person/student
  • Hiding your true identity for purposes of impersonation and foul play
  • Rendering model or sample papers that might be presented as someone else's work
  • Obtaining answers for your tests, exams, labs, presentations, MCQs, online tests, or other tasks when explicitly instructed not to do so
  • Writing purely technical medicine and health related papers by an irrelevant person without prior knowledge and degree
  • Maneuvering data, information, established facts, science journals, or citations
  • Making false and fake financial reports misrepresenting facts
  • Creating fake CVs carrying false educational details and experience
  • Any random write-up that in any way conflicts with any of the law of state, institutional policy, or with the interests of common masses.
  • Any paper or project that may directly or indirectly cause communal unrest, hate speech, offensive political or religious literature
Customers of the Essay48 platform

Any of our customers or prospects that trespasses any of the below-mentioned restrictions will instantly be banned, their account will be deactivated, and they will never be allowed to avail any of our Services or assistance.


Note for Students

Customers are neither encouraged nor allowed to exploit our services to perpetrate any unethical or illegal activities that in any manner might conflict with academic integrity, institutional policy, or state law.

Any customer must not expect any sort of compliance from our experts in committing any kind of illegal or unethical activity that might stain our company's reputation and might be in conflict with any type of academic integrity, institutional policy, or any law.


Note for Experts

Essay48 is a platform that cares for both customers and our experts for sure. We strive to bring lucrative compensation opportunities to our experts, and in return, all we expect is the best of professional and highest ethical standards. We know most of our experts come from the educational fraternity that has served the most renowned colleges and universities. We believe in your capabilities and personal dignity towards our customers. Still, each one of us must explicitly bear in mind the following

None of our experts will ever contribute, aid, or encourage any such activity that, even in hindsight, might conflict with any of the principles of academic integrity.

None of our experts will ever indulge in any activity that might help initiate or further any act of fraud, cheating, impersonation, fabrication, etc.

None of our experts will ever assist any student enrolled in any formal institute, be it school, college, university, or even any academy when there is a doubt that the product might be reproduced in the concerned institute with the intention of formal submission to attain desired grades or any degree, diploma, or certificate.


Note for Parents and Teachers

Essay48 applauds both parents and teachers in their effort of encouraging and promoting higher education in students. We join you in this global educational mission and strive to contribute through our selfless efforts of high-quality mentoring and guidance to students irrespective of their class, institute, and geographic location. We strongly believe that the future of higher education lies in the personal approach of guidance and model solutions to complex academic problems.

  • You allow your students to share the classroom material with us so that our experts can reciprocate with the most appropriate solutions and tailor-made assistance.
  • It would be best if you communicate the benefits of working with professional mentors that have decades-long exposure to teaching and dealing with students
  • It would help if you do not prevent students from using our professional assistance since all we do is strictly in line with the academic integrity and institutional policies. Finally, convey all your grievances instantly; we assure an immediate response if you have any.
  • You will not restrict students from taking any fair and legal assistance from our platform through our learned professionals unless you have any concerns that the same model solutions provided by us, purely for inspiration purposes, might be submitted as they are from any of your students which is certainly a very condemnable act and equally discouraged by us. We never endorse any such practice, no matter what.
  • You must encourage your child with your moral and financial support to access professional assistance from this credible forum to ensure their academic achievements and fill the gaps that might be left behind while in the classroom
  • You must motivate your child to go through our pre-solved case study solutions and scholarly articles to improve their writing skills that might contribute to their future academic challenges.

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