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Order Details

When you place your order on our website, make sure to give your personal details along with your deadline. If you have some additional instructions and guidelines given by your professor, do let us know about them.

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Make Payment

As soon as you fill our order form, you will be redirected to a page where you need to make your payment to initiate the order process instantly. You can use MasterCard, Visa, Debit or Credit card to pay your final amount.

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Track Progress

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Receive Paper

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We are best in the business when it comes to custom writing services
Plagiarism Free Report
Plagiarism Free Report

Here at Essay48, you will get Turnitin report along with the final version of your order. We will make sure to send you the final version with zero plagiarism.

Free Revisions
Free Revisions

You will get three free revisions within thirty days after the successful delivery of your order. On the basis of your initial requirements, revisions will be provided.

Free Credit
Free Credit

You will receive 5% credit on the amount you pay for your order this 5% adds up to your credit funds, and you can use the earned amount in the future orders.

100% Confidential
100% Confidential

We are SSL (secure sockets layer) encrypted website. We don’t save your payment details and your personal information will also remain hidden.

100% Reliable
100% Reliable

We care about the quality of our services and make sure to implement all the instructions and guidelines of customers very precisely in his custom paper.

Affordable Prices
Affordable Prices

Our prices are very reasonable. You will get your order of highest quality at very reasonable price. Our immense resources enable us to offer such low rates.

Term Paper Writing Services

It's fun to enjoy student life as this is what we watch in the movies. In movies, student life is shown as a life full of parties and fun. They don't study at all in those movies, yet they are happy and satisfied. The sad part is that this can only happen in movies. In reality, student life is not a bed of roses. As a student, you need to perform so many tasks at a time, and student life is full of responsibilities. While you are in an institute, you need to listen to all the lectures attentively, and you need to make notes of those lectures as well. You may need to cope with part-time jobs and confusing friends. The students are obliged to write all the assignments on their own, for example, essay writing, report writing, term papers, etc. if you are managing all these things at the same time, it won't be possible for you to write your term papers effectively.

A term paper is not just a piece of paper you can write in a night or in a couple of hours. A term paper should meet the requirements like perfect formatting style, organized pieces of information, and easy-to-read in nature. Term papers can be very confusing and complicated, which is why students prefer to hire Essay48 for writing their term papers. We are professionals in this field, and we know all the nitty-gritty of customized writing.

We have surveyed many educational institutes, and we have found that most of the students consider term paper very challenging. As far as a semester or a session is concerned, you need to submit your term papers on time to pass your particular session or semester. What students find most difficult is to meet the deadline, and to be honest, students are right about this thing. Usually, semesters are very short, and it is almost impossible for a student to cover each and everything in such a little time. Hire us to get your flawless term papers on time so you won't face any issue regarding your deadlines.

Our Professionals Think out of the Box

We are here to help you by all possible means, so you don't have to face the restless and uneasy nights. Most of the students work really hard and put their efforts to write a term paper, but they end up on the losing side. This is because a term paper requires very intelligent research, and it needs perfect execution as well to make it exceptional. You don't get much of the time from your teacher, which may lead to a failure to meet your deadline.

There are so many ways to get your term paper done, but most of them are not easy. Most of the students try to go for copy-paste options, which is absolutely unacceptable. The professors have the software and tools, and they can check the plagiarism and duplication of your document. If they find something like that, they won't just fail you, but it'll be very awkward for you as an individual.

Our experts work outside the box. They know the techniques that can get you the desired grade. If you are running short of time and the deadline is near, they'll apply some favorable techniques, and if you have some time left, their process of doing the task will be different. That's why we call our writers the jack of all trades because they know exactly what you require.

Basis of Analysis by Expert Term Paper Writers

We assure you that if you are looking for a marvelous term paper writing services, your struggle is going to end here. Here at Essay48, we are very selective in terms of the writer. Here, you will get your customized piece of paper before your deadline. If you are worried about the quality of our work, you can read the feedback of students who have got their work done by us. As far as term paper writing is concerned, you need to provide us some essential pieces of information which are;


This is the most critical aspect of your custom paper. The selection of your writer depends greatly on the nature of your topic. Make sure to write an unambiguous topic to let us find a satisfactory writer for you.

Your instructions

This is something you need to be careful about. If you are looking for a customized term paper writer, your instructions will play a big role. The writer will read your instructions, and the techniques he/she will apply will be according to your instructions. Make sure to provide us as clearer instructions as possible. Your requirements and instructions have a lot to do with the strategies of our writer.


The price of your order depends on your deadline. If you give us good enough and reasonable time to write your term paper, the price of your order will be lesser. If the deadline is near and you want us to write your customized term paper on an urgent basis, the price will be according to the deadline. Make sure to give us a deadline, and we'll meet your assigned deadline for sure.

Our website is very credible, and this is one of the many advantages you get as a customer. The content we write will be free of any sort of duplication and plagiarism. If your university or college is using software to check the duplication or plagiarism, our content will be able to pass any plagiarism detecting test.

What Do We Guarantee?

If you are looking for so many options to hire someone to write your term papers, here is why you should let us take this responsibility. These are a few elements that we guarantee, and this is why Essay48 is your one-stop solution;

No chances of a missed deadline

While placing your order, you need to assign us a certain deadline according to your requirements. We assign a writer to do a certain task, and we do it in a way so that the writer essentially meets the deadline. Those writers who are experienced and skillful in the respective subject will only be assigned to write your term paper. We are providing these writing services for so many years, and we haven't missed a single deadline until now.


Our writing process is unique, which is why we make sure to provide authentic content to our customers. We don't have any pre-written papers available in our stock, which is why the writers write every topic with deep research. As a student, it is your right to demand authenticity, and we are here to make it possible for you. Essay48 will always be there for 100% original content with the highest quality.

Individual approach

We provide customer support to all of our clients. Our support team and writers are here for our customers 24/7 if they need any sort of assistance or information. Unlike some other websites, we make sure to respond to our clients on time because communication is the key to success. Our support staff is very customer-friendly, which is why Essay48 is one of the successful most writing brands in the modern era.

Supreme quality

Whenever we receive an order, we make sure to do it in style. We have writers from all over the world, and all of our writers are university degree holders in their specific fields. We select a writer on the basis of the deadline and the nature of the topic. This enables the writer to cover all the points of your writing tasks. If we talk about term papers, we have hired some writers specifically to write term papers because they have over four years of experience as term paper writers.


We know how crucial it is for a student to keep his/her content confidential. Your identity will remain hidden, and once we deliver you the order, the content will be all yours. Even the writer who has written your term paper won't be able to get to your document. If you fear your professor may doubt whether the paper is written by you or not, we have got it covered for you. It is in our terms and conditions that none of our staff members or the writer will ever disclose the information of our clients or their order. If you are looking for a website to write your term paper with confidentiality, you have landed on the most secure website.

Customized term papers

Whatever you order will be dealt with accordingly. The instruction you provide to us will be fulfilled, and the writer is bound to make sure the content of your term paper is according to your instructions and requirements. Our writers are good enough to meet your requirements as they are doing these things for years. If you want a specified pattern to be followed, or you want us to write according to a template, make sure to attach your file so we can get the work done according to your directives.

Affordable price

It is very burdensome for a student to spend a lot of money on order. We know it, and we have set our prices according to the feasibility and convenience of our customers. In a student's life, you get a little pocket-money. You have to deal all your month in that pocket-money, which is why our prices are very reasonable and affordable. We are not here to make money, but we are here to relax our students who are suffering from stress-related problems.

How to Purchase Affordable Term Papers?

We guess you are all set to place your order. You must be wondering how to place an order. That's not a hectic task to perform. Our ordering process is very simple and straightforward. Follow these steps;

Submit your order form

This is the first step you need to follow. Don't waste your time on registration and submit your order form to get the ball rolling. Let us know some useful and important details like topic, deadlines, and number of pages, and we'll be happy to start writing your term paper. We suggest you to place your order in advance if you want to get your job done at a lower price.

Make your payment

Once you place your order, you need to make a payment to initiate your order process. The payment process is very smooth. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Credit card, and Debit card. You just need to make your payment, and we'll start looking for a fitting writer for you.

State your instructions

After your payment, a handy and relevant writer will be assigned to do your job. The writer will read all of your requirements and instructions to meet your expectations. Never take this step for granted and lightly because the quality of your term paper will depend on your instructions.

Get your downloadable order

We meet the deadlines at every cost. When your deadline arrives, make sure to check your email. On the deadline, an email will be sent to your email address from where you can download your document. If you think there are chances of improvement, we'll be more than happy to give you three free revisions within 30 days of order delivery. We care a lot about our customers, and their satisfaction is what we are looking for.

Your Feedback Matters!

As a website, we deal with every client accordingly. For us, the feedback of our customers is very positive. We are here to provide quality, and your feedback can keep us going. If you get satisfied with the quality of our work, we request you to please let us know with your valuable feedback. If you think there are some areas which can improve to make a mark, you are more than welcome to let us know.

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