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We understand that you need a wholesome college/university experience, and long tasks sometimes hold you back. This is why we promise to offer high quality work that will leave you without complaints, and re-do needs. We have a team of highly professional and qualified writers who are proficient and who excel in their fields. These writers have graduate degrees attached to their portfolio, which gives them further confidence as well as knowledge to complete your tasks with perfection.

Creating a login is simple. You need to have a valid email address, and you need to register using that email address. The registration process will enquire your personal details including:

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Email address

After filling in the required details, you will receive an activation link on your email. You will be required to follow tha link to create a unique login and password. You will then use this login and password for accessing out services.

To place an order, you need to create a login, and access our website portfolio. Upon logging in, you will see a form for placing orders. This form will require details about the course, the specific assignment questions, supporting reading materials, and class assignments if needed, as well as any other information or documents that might be needed to complete the assignment.

When your task is assigned to any writer, you will receive an intimation about it on your email, and you will need to follow up on your website portal. This generally takes 24-48 hours.

You can contact any service representative at any time simply by logging in. Your portal will have a tab for chatting with the service representative, and you can use that to talk to our reps. Moreover, you can also send emails, which will be replied to within 24 hours of receiving.

All our writers are experts in their specific fields, and are qualified professionals. Your task will be assigned to any writers randomly. You are assured of highest quality of work from all writers that will guarantee you a good grade.

If you are a regular client, and have placed orders with us before, you can request for writers. This will be taken into consideration especially if you are ordering for the same course, same instructor, and/or related assignments. However, even with high preference given to client requests for specific writers for order completion, we cannot always promise or guarantee the same writers. If a desired writer in unavailable, your tasks will be assigned to other, equally qualified and proficient writers.

You can communicate directly with the writer through the portal. You can post your comments, instructions or queries, and they will be communicated to the writer. The writer will then respond back, and you will be notified of when an answer is received. You can view the answer in your inbox, as well as on the portal.

One of the basic rules and values that we follow here are of punctuality. We ensure that the order is delivered on time, as is required and mentioned by the client. Are the assignments checked for plagiarism?

Emergencies are dealt with internally, and you do not need to worry about nay. You will always get your task completed, on time, without fail, and without orders. Timely deliveries by us also take into consideration top notch quality for your assignments.

All assignments are run twice for plagiarism, under two different and top-notch software. In any instance of finding plagiarism, the order is redone – in time for the client.

Our writers are trained and instructed to follow instructions and client request completely. However, in vent where an order is found to be fallen short of expectations, we will forward your complaints to the client accordingly. If the client response is found t be unsatisfactory, your assignment will be redone by another writer free of cost. However, if you add new instructions after the paper has been completed and delivered to you, the writer will be requested to make the revisions for extra compensation.

All revisions in the order are catered to within 24 hours of the revision submission. These revisions should be in relation to the original instructions provided by the client. Revisions that require new information will be catered to with additional compensation. Instructor feedback and required revision for assignment completion are catered to at the earliest, and maximum within 24 hours of submission to ensure that the client receives orders on time, and is able to receive the grade that he deserves!

If our services have failed to satisfy you by falling short if following instructions, or in case that the task has not been handled properly, you will be given a free redo. However, if you are still not satisfied with the task, we will offer you a complete refund, with a much needed apology. Having said that, we ASSURE you that you will NEVER require a refund.

The payment policy for all tasks and orders is very simple. You need to pay via credit card or PayPal. You will be notified of the order cost after you fill in the order request form. The rate varies from order type, to the delivery time that the order is needed in.

All our odes of payment are secure, and you can use your account details and credit card information without worrying.

We write all types of papers – from highs school assignments to PhD dissertations. We have writers who specialize in variety of fields, and you can easily inquire about your specific needs from us for any paper that you wish to be completed.

Excerpts from works done by our writers are present on the website for you to go through and judge the high quality that we work with. These samples are available under the ‘sample’ tab on the main website page – HERE

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel an order after our writer start working on them – which is after having received payment from you.

Never. We do not use pre-written works for future assignments. We do not even use the same material. All our work is original.

Yes, many of our writers are proficient in the use of PowerPoint. If needed they can make supporting presentations for your paper – as per your needs and specifications.

Apart from creating original papers, we also offer our clients with:

  • Proofreading – we will read and check your work for errors – grammatical as well as logical!
  • Rewriting – if you want work to be written in your own words, we can do that for you too!
  • Editing – if you require editing services, we will be more than happy to help you improve your work!

Your order will be uploaded on the client portal, and you will also be notified about it through email.

Our services are 100% confidential. You can rest assured while ordering that none of your personal details will be shared with any one- not even with the writers!

Yes, all our services are legal as well as ethical. We work to provide clients with the highest quality work – that fulfills standards, and helps them explore, and enjoy different aspects of university/high school/post graduate programs. This is important for them to grow and develop.