General Questions

What is Essay48?

We offer a way to assist students in completing their assignments. Our professional writers can complete their job for them, or students can take assistance in completing their incomplete academic tasks.

Why Choose Essay48?

We are providing services to several countries and have hired expert writers from different parts of the world. It enables us to establish a proper connection between students and writers from a different region. We offer:

  • High-Quality Content: Postgraduates will be working on your assignment to give it the quality it needs.
  • Plagiarism Free Paper: The papers will come with a report of Turnitin to prove there is no duplication.
  • Confidentiality: You will remain entirely anonymous, and no third-party site will have access to your data.
  • 24/7 Support: Customer representatives are available all the time for assistance.

Is Essay48 legal?

Yes, it is legal! We are here to help students with their assignments and to take a large proportion of stress out of their life. We provide them with authentic material they can use to complete their papers.

How Do We Help Our Customers?

We provide services to students of all courses by taking care of their academic assignments. They need to place an order to request assistance, and the procedure is quite simple. You will need to create an account by entering your name, contact, email, and password, or you can hit the order button and fill the form with details about your requirements and instructions for the writer.

Upload the estimated payment, and that is it! Our team will begin looking for a suitable writer, and you will get your work completed before the deadline.

Do We Provide Ready Made Papers?

No, we do not! When you place an order, we begin working on the paper from scratch, or we can help you complete your paper. We provide up-to-date content, and instead of supplying readymade papers, we find the writing method more beneficial for students.

Do Our Writers Copy Text From Different Websites?

No, they do not! We only assign a writer who is related to your field and has experience in completing similar projects. All our writers are experienced professionals, and they always create content that is one of its kind. Their completed projects reflect their knowledge, and the only thing they require from you is instructions on how you want to structurize the paper, and they will take care of the rest of the work.

Order & Delivery

When Are The Orders Completed?

All the orders are completed before the deadline; there can be an odd chance where we can take a few extra hours. It happens when the length of the document is considerable, and the user didn’t provide us with sufficient time to work on it. However, we still complete short essays in a minimum of twelve hours, and if the task requires too much research and words in this time frame, then we simply reject the request and refund the uploaded payment.

How Do We Deliver The Final Document?

Our team generates a file download link and sends it to the users' email address. The client can also download the file from the portal of the website. When writers complete the papers, they send it to the quality checking team, who is responsible for proofreading and eradicating errors. If the document does not follow precise instructions or the data is misleading, then the file is sent back to the writer for correction.

What Do We Mean By Estimated Deadline?

We try our best to deliver the final version of the document before the timer runs out. Still, there can be unusual cases where a writer is not supplied with enough information and has a short deadline, which is why he/she can take extra hours to get the job done. If the writer is unable to deliver the work, then the uploaded amount is refunded to the user.

Can I Request A Change After The Order Is Placed?

Yes, you certainly can! If the request you submitted does not contain correct information about your project or you forgot to attach a file of instructions, then you can do that in the comments section after logging in to your account. On the comments page, you can upload the file with correct data and inform the writer about the necessary changes

Writers Information

Who Will Write My Paper?

Postgraduates who have years of experience will complete your tasks. All of them are experts in their respective fields, and we assign a writer after going through the requirements of the client. All of our writers pass a test in order to demonstrate their skills, without which we do not hire anyone for the job.

Can I Chat With My Writer?

Yes, when you log in to your account, you will be able to converse with the writer on the comments page. The link to this section is located on the dashboard, and you can share any files related to your work over there. If the writer needs to know something, please provide the information related to your order only.

Can I Share Files With My Writer?

Yes, you can! If the files can assist the writer in working efficiently, then for sure, other than that, information about stuff that is not related to your order is not allowed. It is essential to stick to the topic instead of talking about irrelevant things, we will not be responsible for the outcome if you share any personal details with them.

Can We Select A Writer?

No, but we assign a writer after going through your requirements. Only the most suitable writer is allocated to your task; the one who has experience in your subject and has completed past similar projects

Quality & Satisfaction

Is Quality Guaranteed?

Yes, because our team is working day and night to provide content that follows the accurate instructions of the client. Today, several students trust our services because we have been supplying them with a paper that follows all the academic standards. Additionally, Our quality checking team makes sure there are no duplications spelling mistakes in the article; they are responsible for eliminating errors if there are any.

Will I Be Able To Improve My Grades?

Well, we provide papers to help students learn and understand the topic better so that they can craft a masterpiece according to their needs. Still, we give our best in composing it following all the guidelines of the client, and the paper we provide is not for submission purposes. It should only be used for educating yourself because a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So, start studying to be successful!

I Am Not Happy With My Writer; What Should I Do?

They are two possible scenarios. If the paper that is delivered contains plagiarism, then you will need to attach a Turnitin report for submitting a request. If you are having trouble during the job or your writer is not working according to your instructions, then you can contact our support team and let them know about the issue you are facing. They will either allocate a different writer for your job or assist you both in resolving the problem. Else, you can check our refund policy if you want to request a reimbursement.

How can I be sure that my work is unique?

As all the papers are written by experienced writers, they know how problematic it can be for a student if they do not provide quality work. Also, we have a team of quality checkers who make sure there is no plagiarism in the report. Additionally, we attach a Turnitin report to let you know if there is a similarity in the document or not. You can always ask for a review in case you find mistakes in the paper that you cannot fix.

Pricing & Payment

How Do We Calculate The Price Of Your Paper?

Our price calculator carefully goes through your requirements and the type of paper you want to order. There are three major elements that assist the calculation process one is your subject, the second is the required number of words, and the third is the estimated deadline. You can reduce the number of words, and increase the period if you want a drop the final evaluated fee.

What Are The Methods To Upload Fee?

You can use MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Discover, or American Express to upload the fee.

Can I Pay In Parts?

There is a condition for that if you have a bulk order and the amount exceeds five hundred dollars only, then you are eligible to pay in parts otherwise no. You can get more information about pricing from our support team if you have an order that exceeds the stated amount.

Are All Services of Essay48 Free?

No, the reason is, we hire writers from different parts of the world to create a paper that can help everyone around the globe in improving their grades. Most of our writers are postgraduates, and their time is expensive, which is why we make sure to provide you with a paper that does not contain any sort of mistakes.

What Is The Process After I Make The Payment?

The method, after uploading the evaluated fee includes, searching for a suitable writer in our database who can work on your task conveniently and without asking too many questions. We make sure the writer follows all your instructions and provide with a paper of superior quality. You can learn more about the process in the” How It Works” section of the website.

What is the process to get a refund?

You can submit a request for reimbursement under the following circumstances:

  • If the paper contains plagiarism (Turnitin Report Is Required For Proof)
  • The article includes mistakes that you cannot fix; for example, the document does not contain relevant material
  • Or the article did not follow your instruction

If you have a condition that falls in one of the above situations, then you can ask for a refund. The team will look into the matter and provide you with a complete refund in case the entire material of the paper is misleading or contains mistakes. Moreover, if we fail to submit the paper, you will get your money back.

Is The Payment Method Secure?

Yes, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for extra security, which encrypts all your data before submitting it to the payment supplier. When the bank transfers the funds, the data you added is erased from the servers, and no one has access to it during the process as well.

Account Security

Who Has Access To The Information Of A Customer?

Only you and the system (utilized to verify your identity). The information you add in your profile remains safe because no one is authorized to get into someone’s record, not even the writer. We only provide the writer with details regarding your assignment, which includes requirements and instructions only. It is important not to share any private information when you are in direct contact with the writer.

Can Our Institutions Find Out that We Have Used Essay48?

No, there is absolutely no way that your institution can find out about it. We provide you with a paper that is uniquely written and contains authentic information, which follows your writing style (if you provide us with a sample). Moreover, you can check for plagiarism yourself and go through the document for understanding it better.

Can Other Users Look Into My Profile?

No, only you have access to the data in your profile, and it is not visible to anyone else. After the sign-up process, we assign your account a unique ID that is based on numbers. This ID will be displayed instead of your name while talking to your writer.

How Can I Permanently Delete My Profile?

For the removal of your account, you will need to navigate to the "contact us" page and submit a request for account deletion. You can also chat with the live support agent to get assistance. Also, please mention the reason and remember you will be opting out of our loyalty program as well when you submit this request, and you will not be able to create an account with the same email again.

How Can I Recover Forgotten Password To My Account?

When you are on the main page of the website, click on the login section, and you will see a pop-up that contains the link to “Forgot Password.” From there, follow the instructions precisely, and you will be able to set a new password for your account.