Privacy Policy

This page of the website holds information about the privacy policy of (Essay48.com). We might change the conditions and content which you are about to read as time passes; however, the main elements concerning your privacy or personal information may remain the way they are. Also, be informed that we can amend or update the information whenever we want, and we will notify you of the changes we make. It is the very reason why it is considered essential to keep notifications enabled, but still, for precautionary measures, we also update the users about the change we bring via email and website portal.

In order to stay updated about the changes, we advise you to check for emails or banners on our website regularly. All the papers are delivered after our quality checking team approves, we consider it a vital part of the process because we do not want our clients to face any difficulties while going through the whole document. The team of QAs makes sure there is no plagiarism, spelling, or syntax error in the paper, and they take time to verify that the writer has followed your instructions precisely or not.

It is to let you know that all the content delivered in the written form by our writers is for educational purposes; therefore, it must not be treated as your piece of work or be shared in the same form, with anyone. The possessions of the document will always remain in the hands of Essay48.com, and the text should only be put to use for educating oneself.

We Use Your Data In The Following Ways

The data you enter in various sections of our site is kept safe, and the users of our site have no authority to access it in any way. Moreover, no third-party website will ever be able to reach the information of any individual; also, it is essential never to share your personal data with the writer, because we will NOT be responsible for any consequences. We care about your confidentiality, and the data you enter in our site is used for verification purposes and the following acts.

  • Legal Measures
  • Anonymity
  • To Check Authenticity
  • & To Send Notifications

We will take legal actions if a person adds text that is against the laws or provides us with misleading and incorrect information (the one that is not valid or adds personal data of someone else with harmful intentions). Our team verifies the data you enter by reaching out to the phone number you provide, and the email you add for confirmation. We can also gather data about you from different websites or by contacting any higher influence (if needed).

Also, Personal information such as phone number, email, and name will not be visible on your profile, and a distinct number assigned by the system will be used to contact you on the website portal. It is imperative to re-check all the data you add in the order section of the site because if you are providing us with an extra piece of information to add in the file, then it will not be checked for errors and will be copied and pasted the way it is if no proper instructions are attached.

The data you share in the order section is put to use by our support agents to find the most appropriate writer who can understand your needs and work according to the instructions added in the document.

For notifications, we use your email address for this purpose, and a link to the made changes will be available on the main page of the website in the form of a banner as well. It is, however, recommended to enable the desktop notifications if you are not a frequent user of the mail service provider or our website.

Personal Data

In the order-placing phase, if you are not adding correct details, then we will not be able to validate the data, and your request will not be submitted. It is essential to add accurate information in order to proceed with your order, also re-check all the entered data to see if you have missed anything. Even the tiniest details matter and your words must have correct spellings, or it can mislead the writer.

The email you enter in our site for the purpose of registration is also used to deliver you the final project file. If in case, the link to download the file in your email is not working, then you can download the last version from our website portal.

The chat between you and the writer takes place on the comments page; here, you will be adding any extra piece of the required information to complete your order. The writer will be able to read and reply to your comment when available.


All the members of our team have signed a contract never to disclose any personal information of a client; the members include support and quality checking team, managers, and other people connected to our site. We have been and continuously updating the system to make sure; we do not receive any complaints.

We take legal actions against the one, who breaks the contract, and also the writer is not supposed to ask about your personal information, you have the right to refuse to any such requests, and you can always contact the support team if you are facing any difficulties in working with your writer.

We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to add an extra cover of security to your selected payment method. This way, all your data related to payment will be encrypted and shared with the bank. No one will have access to the information during the process, and the amount will be securely uploaded.

Billing Information

We have developed a security system that remains active all the time to keep all your data safe and sound. It not only protects your information from outsiders but also keeps it hidden from the members of our team. Additionally, if you are saving the payment method, then it will be saved in an encrypted format so no one can ever gain access to it; moreover, your transaction history is also recorded in the same style. This way, only the account holder will be able to see the information.

If you are using a device from a net café or friend's place, then make sure to log out of it once you are done with your task. Anyone with access to your account can manipulate information and utilize it. Learn more about the procedure our algorithm uses to evaluate the fee of your order in the sections below:

  • Order Form
    There are a few things to keep in mind while adding information on the order page. There are various factors on this page that profoundly affect the finalized amount of your order. These are the number of words, subject, type of paper, and the deadline. You can always increase the period, or lessen the number of words in order to enter the lower price bracket.
  • Location Factor
    Depending on your location, the tax authorities in your area might add a small extra amount to your final price. This price has nothing to do with the original order, and your legal authorities are the ones who deduct it while making an international payment. We do not have any hidden charges, and you will only be uploading the amount mentioned in the order section.
  • The Order Will Not Be Placed Or It Can Be Denied If
    You are not uploading the calculated amount, or you have many requirements in a minor time window. We can cover a short essay and other tasks in a minimum of twelve hours, but if you need a paper that asks for extensive research skills, then you know it can take a lot of time and will not be possible to complete in twelve hours.
    Also, the estimated delivery date (written near the calculated amount) means your order will be delivered around that time. We can take an extra few hours to complete your work, and in case we are unable to deliver the document at all, then you will be eligible for a refund. Read more about our refund policies on the next page.

Refund Policy

This page of essay48 contains the refund policy of the website. For other rules and regulations, you can visit the privacy policy and terms & conditions page.

You will be eligible to get a full refund if:

  1. We fail to deliver: We fail to provide you with the completed version of the paper, even after taking some extra time. The term “estimated” used in the order placing page is indefinite. Your order can take longer than the estimated delivery date to get delivered.
  2. Writer not assigned: If writer is not available to work on your order, or your selected topic does not lie in our sphere of expertise, then we will issue a full refund.
  3. Duplicate orders: If you have by mistake placed the same order again or accidentally uploaded payment that is more than the cost evaluated in the order section, we will reimburse you the total amount.

Partial Refund is possible in below cases up to 50%

  1. Requirements not fulfilled: If requirements you mentioned in your order form are not fulfilled by our writer you can submit a request for a refund within 3 days of receiving the order.
  2. Revision cannot be done: If we could not find a writer to work on your revision request, you will be eligible to get a partial refund.
  3. Late delivery: If your order is with ad deadline of less than 3 days and its delayed for more than 24 hours, you can ask for partial refund. In such case we might finish your paper or not it depends on the situation.
  4. High Plagiarism: If the plagiarism percentage exceeds 15%, you will be eligible to get a refund of up to 50%, which also depends on the amount of plagiaristic content.

You will not be eligible for a Refund In the Following Cases:

  1. Requirements were fulfilled: If all the directives you mentioned in the order were followed accurately.
  2. Slight delays in submission: The writer can take extra time if you ordered a complex paper, or didn’t add sufficient instructions. Also, depending on the amount of workload, there can be a small setback in completing your article.

Cases You Need to Consider Before Requesting A Refund

  • If you do not attach any necessary documents in the order section or if you share a file that contains errors, we may or may not correct those errors for you. You might have to place new order in such cases.
  • If you find plagiarism, then you will need to provide us with a report generated by Turnitin. All statements produced by other similarity detecting tools will be rejected.
  • Once the process of reimbursement is put into action, you will no longer have any rights that were mentioned in terms of Use. Also, the copyright Licenses will be adjourned for the time being. Additionally, we will withdraw all the rights counting property rights and intellectual property rights, when a refund request is granted.
  • Submitting a request for revision means you accept the written work with contentment and are asking to make minute modifications in the document. If you have requested a revision, you will not be eligible to get any refund.
  • You will need to make sure that the requirements and guidelines you are providing us is up-to-date and does not contain any sort of errors or irrelevant material because if it does, then our team can either reject your submitted request or take more time to complete it.

Eligibility Criterion For Custom Papers:

We make sure the delivered paper does not include any kind of syntax, spelling, grammar, plagiarism, or duplication errors and follows your instructions precisely. Still, if in case you find mistakes that you cannot fix or find it difficult to correct, then you can take advantage of the three free revisions we offer.

  • You can submit a request to take care of the errors, or if the document contains plagiarism that exceeds the limit set by your institute, then you will be eligible to get a refund of up to fifty percent (depending on the quantity of plagiarism).
  • We work on the revision case if the file does not follow your instructions and or does not contain the data you added while submitting a request. After we go through the document, our QA team will make sure those problems are resolved as soon as possible.

It is essential to check the document as soon as you can because we give 72 hours to validate your paper, if you want to submit a request for a refund. The revisions, however, have a validity of thirty days, and if the time has passed, then your application will be treated as a new order, and you will have to pay the calculated amount to get those issues fixed.