Essay48 Honor Code – Statement on Professional Ethos
Our mission is to encourage and promote a personalized approach to supplement individual learning and enable students to reach their maximum intellectual potential. In addition, we strive to bridge educational deficiencies and make personal assistance accessible to everyone irrespective of income, class, or geographical location.
Essay48’s Honor Code

Essay48, as a professional writing company, strictly adheres to professional dignity and integrity. Therefore, we never engage in academic dishonesty, nor do we encourage cheating, fraud, manipulation, or unfairness to obtain grades.

Essay48’s Professionals Never Indulge in Illegal/Unethical Practices

Our professionals are sincere to their profession. Therefore, they never tend towards any illegal or unethical practices that might be in collision with the academic policy of any school, college, or university.

We Strongly Condemn


Where unapproved outside help is acquired.


Where someone else’s work is tagged and passed off as one’s own


Where one pretends to be any other person falsely


Essay48 never supports or facilitates any corporate dishonesty or violation of corporate policies. Further, we never help or assist users in committing any type of fraudulent activity. In a case where any team member is found to be involved in any such activity, he will instantly be penalized and removed from our platform.


Open Letter to Students

Essay48 is deeply concerned and emphatic towards your individual learning and barriers to academic achievements. We are well-versed with daily life academic challenges taking a toll on your performance, but we never show any compassion for violating your institution’s academic integrity policy.

Students can never indulge in any illegal, unethical activities by exploiting the Essay48 platform or gain compliance in violating institutional policies We strictly discourage presenting our work as your own; instead, the delivered assignments are purely intended for assistance and guidance purposes.

We strictly discourage presenting our work as your own; instead, the delivered assignments are purely intended for assistance and guidance purposes.


Open Letter to Teachers and Institutions

We are quite familiar with your efforts in paving the way for equal educational opportunities and academic integrity within your classrooms, students, and institutions. We adore your individual and collective efforts and strive to bridge the gaps, if any, that are left behind. We encourage and support your quest to keep studying honest, transparent, and upright.

As a team consisting of most ex-professors and teaching professionals, we will take instant and absolute action against any honor code violations.


Open Letter to Businesses

Essay48 is a professional academic writing company that assists any written task through field specialist experts. However, attaining any such assistance that violates your corporate policies is strongly discouraged.

Business representatives are strictly prohibited from using our platform in a manner to supplement any illegal practices fraudulently.

They are prohibited from attaining professional assistance through our legit platform to forge, maneuver, manipulate, foul play, or any official corporate documentation.


Open Letter to Writers

Essay48 is a dignified professional academic writing forum that works with pure intentions of professional assistance to students with a purpose to cater the level playing field for all. It procures lucrative opportunities for all its professional writers and team members. Each one of Essay48 family must adhere to the following norms

No writer is allowed to assist or supplement in any such activity that may fall under the ambit of illegality, violation, fraud, impersonation, plagiarism, cheating, or any kind of unfair practices.

All writers are restricted to stay right within the confines of professional ethos not conflicting with any institutional policies, rules, regulations, and law.

  • Copying some other person’s work and passing it off as your own.
  • Quoting sources with proper citation.
  • Plagiarizing interpretations, ideas, experiments, thoughts, literary work, or conclusions.
  • Maneuvering results or fabricating data.
  • Impersonation of any kind where one pretends to be someone else fraudulently.
  • Indulging in any kind of deceit or foul play to achieve higher grades.
  • Creation of fake financial reports, CV, documents, or any other formal /informal paper.
All What We Strongly Discourage

Since we are a professional academic writing company, here is a detailed list of tasks that we never perform, no matter what. Never expect any of these from our platform.

Report Any Violation

In a case where someone observes any kind of misconduct on the part of this forum, he is encouraged to report it right away. We assure you that fitting and appropriate action will be taken even if it is tantamount to any legal proceedings.

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