How To Write An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is an assignment that is a part of higher studies and includes points of view about both the sides discussed in the article. It is up to the writers whether they wish to keep the arguments balanced on both sides, or they want the readers to know that one side is better than the other one.

In this particular type of essay writing, you are not just providing information but also are presenting limitations and benefits of the issue under discussion. The writer can include facts and logical explanations to prove the points discussed by him/her are correct or false. It is considered to be the best option for polishing the skill to clear some viewpoints. There are several kinds to this specific type of essay, some of which are persuasive, research, and personal essays. You can take a different approach to write an argumentative composition:

  • The Classical Approach & The Outline

The method of writing in this technique follows a simple outline, which includes an:

  • Introduction section

Just like all other types with a thesis statement at the end, and thorough research.

  • Background information

Of the subjects that are going to be a part of the article, and their effects on the related field

  • Arguments

That present the pros and cons of both sides.

  • Negation

One side of the discussion will be nullified, and the other will be accepted.

In the end, you will write a conclusion summarizing the conferred points and suggest solutions to the problems that may become a part of the future.

  • The Rogerian & Toulmin Approach

This approach can only be found useful to clear a misconstrued event and happening or a debate marked by controversy. This approach does not need any particular outline because it is put to use when one has to present gathered information. Here, a writer admits that the opposing side can also be suitable or correct. It enables the writers to explore different points of view on the area under discussion. This method allows the person to get into the bottom of the problem, giving the reader a perfect picture with reasoning.

Toulmin's approach allows a writer to explore a topic under discussion from a different perspective. It enables the writer to remove any unneeded arguments regarding the Essay48. It is similar to the Rogerian approach, but here you are going to find justifications for both sides instead of one.

The Rogerian & Toulmin Approach

Writing An Argumentative Essay From Scratch

Sometimes students get a chance to pick a topic for their essays, and at that time, make sure to choose an article you know very well about; the style or approach comes later. So, think of a problem, you can argue robustly, and for which you can create a contradictory argument as well.

If your instructor has already assigned you a topic and you do not know much about it, then begin your research by keeping the outline we talked about in mind. If you pick a problem, it will make it easier for you to understand and produce arguments; otherwise, it can sometimes be very tricky.

The research steps in when you have decided a problem to write an essay on. It all begins with the books/journals and the internet, where you will be going through several blogs and websites that contain legitimate information.

It is best to find the most talked-about issues from these blog articles and make them part of your content. It will be a good idea to uncover the tightest corners of a problem, make sure to see it from a different perspective and impress your instructors by providing them with an angle that is not being argued by experts. Once you have decided the topic, get right into:

  • Creating An Outline

If you have not created an outline before for any type of essay, then start doing so, it will help you in several ways. In an overview, begin with the introduction section, add a thesis statement, create supporting paragraphs, and a counter-argument after them.

In the end, you will write the conclusion, this is also the basic format for any type of essay, but in the first section, you will give information about the background of the topic instead of getting right to what the paragraphs beneath will be about.

Let the readers know why the topic you are going to discuss is vital, what can be done to improve it, and how does it affect a specific situation.

  • Edit & Proofread

When you are done crafting, now begin looking for missing details in the context. Check if all the paragraphs are supporting the argument or not, also remove any misleading information. Think, which is the best method, how can it be applied and what will be its effects on the object. Make sure that all the arguments reflect your thesis statement because if what you discussed in the report is not elaborated in the sections, then a reader will give a negative rating.

The most crucial part, to keep in mind before getting into writing the final version, check if the statement you put to use clarifies its meaning because people reading your topic might argue against it. Also, use the best available examples or evidence to support the statement, and check if you have successfully composed a counter-argument or not.

  • Steer Clear Of Some Errors

If the completed version of the essay concludes with an intriguing idea for the future, then you have successfully completed an argumentative essay. It is essential to choose a writing style that can support your argument in the right way because without the roadmap, you will not know where your essay is heading. You can always ask us for assistance, and we will be more than happy to complete an unfinished essay of yours at any time of the day.

Steer Clear Of Some Errors

There are a few notable things to keep in mind while removing errors from the content. You will need to check the paper for grammatical and unintentional duplication errors. This happens when you are trying to re-write someone's work, make sure to go through it properly and use online programs to find similarity in the text.

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