How To Write An Essay Body? Citing Sources And Creating Outlines

The paragraphs that are a part of the body need to explain and prove your thesis statements and all the discussed arguments. Students find it challenging to craft lengthy essays, whereas a short one is mostly based on a five-paragraph structure in which the first one is for introduction, the next three are a part of the main body, and the fifth concludes the essay. It is essential to create an outline for every type of essay. The topic decides its intricacy, and if you do not know how to create a sketch and what to include or exclude in the body paragraph, then keep reading.

How To Write An Essay Body
  • Add A Topic Sentence

People who have experienced expository essay writing would know what a topic sentence is, but many students are still unaware. It is a sentence that expresses or summarizes the main argument discussed in the paragraph. This focus sentence can be placed in any section of the clause, but usually, it is the first part of every paragraph. It acts like a summary that gives an insight into the writer’s primary motive for the following segment.

You can also call it a sidekick of the thesis statement, but it only informs the writer of what is going to be discussed in this particular paragraph. It is always a good idea to add your primary keyword in this section, the one that is a part of your thesis. Make sure you are not restating the thesis in different ways in your essay, or else it will become monotonous, creating a repetitive motion.

  • Explanation and Inclusion of Evidence

You can always extend a paragraph if the information it contains does not clarify an argument. Most institutions today require students to add logical explanations that settle with the incorporated evidence. You can always make use of quotes, questionnaires, and statistical figures to support your viewpoint. Still, it is essential to add valid data; else, you will find it tough to make the reader understand your point.

If you are going to make an addition of quotes or use references, then be sure to add them in the right spot. Also, summarize the information, because adding this data can take a lot of space on the page. Referencing and quoting allows you to keep the paragraphs short. The reason is every section serves a different purpose, as all of them will have a different header that will enable the readers to skip to the part they wish to read.

  • Importance Of Facts

You will need to explain the facts in a shorter version to help the reader understand what it means, how it supports your argument. No one reading the essay will start searching for the meaning of the quote, reference, or facts; therefore, provide the readers with the necessary information. You can always ask yourself a question, keeping their perspective in mind; for example, read the added evidence to check if it clarifies a specific condition.

It will allow the readers to know that you have done your research, and you are well aware of what the author of the quote is trying to deliver. Even if you disagree with the message contained inside, it will still help you build integrity. If the inserted evidence is taking longer than two or three sentences, it is not a problem. The whole point is to make it easier for the reader to understand its importance and its connection with the case

Importance Of Facts

Layout Of Paragraphs For The Body Of Essay

Body paragraphs for every type of essay serve a different purpose, in the narrative tone, you share an imagination, in descriptive you discuss an object, in expository you share facts and clarification, last but not least, persuasive type in which you convince the reader on accepting your point of view. All these types of essays have the same structure; there is an introduction section, a thesis statement, body sections, and a conclusion. The layout of a paragraph includes:

  • Opening Sentence (The topic sentence we talked about earlier)
  • Declaration Statement (Refers to your ideas)
  • Examples/Facts (Evidence to support the argument)
  • Explanation (Information that explains how the facts help your viewpoint)
  • Importance (Let the readers know why it matters, and its relativity with your thesis statement)

It is not always essential to include an opening sentence, especially if you are writing a formal report. Also, the controlling idea (the main point in the paragraph) should always either argue the discussed issue in the section or the whole point of the essay. The explanation part of the body can include research from books, published case studies, websites, journal articles, and other research means that you have put to use.

Layout Of Paragraphs

Clarification Is The Key To Impress A Reader

No matter what kind of article is being composed, all the paragraphs in the body must be wholly developed and supply details that support the discussed case. Beginners quite often have to face this challenge when they enter a university, which is why they should always create a draft because without out it, they will not be able to realize when and what to put in black and white.

Avoid the use of “The Best,” “Most talked about,” or anything similar, instead stick to the point and be straightforward. Also, you must never let the reader know about the main idea of the paper in one sentence because they are going to read the whole article and progressively learn about the case. If you fail to convince the reader or the information you added in the paragraph is misleading, then the entire purpose of the essay will be lost.

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