How To Write Compare And Contrast Essay?

Compare and contrast essay writing as the name is self-explanatory, you have to compare two subjects and inform the reader about the similarities and diversities between them. This is the most common assignment that is a part of every semester in higher studies, and students who are new to this find it challenging to deal with. The reason is its unique style; however, the structure is similar to other types of essays.

Here you will need to put two subjects side by side for comparison. Students think maybe letting the reader know about the differences will be enough, but it is an informational essay where you will familiarize the readers of the similarities as well.

If you get the opportunity to select subjects for your essay, then pick carefully. Choose the ones you have enough information about, and as you will be comparing two themes, there will always be something, place, or any historical period that you like talking about. In the comparison segment, you will let the readers know of the link between the subjects, whereas in the contrast section, you will write about the differences between the two.

You can follow the directions below when you have selected two subjects for your essay.

Structure Of Compare & Contrast Essay

The layout for this essay is similar to others and contains all the components that are a part of other articles, which include:

  • Introduction

This is where we give the readers an idea about the topic we are going to discuss in the main body of the essay. In comparison and contrast, you will share the opinion as well, but it will be about what two subjects you are going to compare.

You will talk about the background of the subjects and include a thesis statement. This declaration at the end of the first paragraph is going to lay the foundation of the essay, which is why it has to be intriguing. You can write about how a person usually thinks about the two subjects, for example, you can write about the stretched strings, which people do not think of.

  • Main Body Paragraphs

A short essay is mostly comprised of five paragraphs where the first one is for introduction, the next three contain the primary information, and the last one is used to conclude the essay. In compare and contrast, you have a choice to make, you can start the essay with comparison and save the contrasting part for later, or you can reverse this method.

The only important thing to keep in mind while writing is to make sure you are adding authentic information and citing correct sources for research. If the data you have entered is somewhat irrelevant or contains information that is deceptive, it will have a significant contradictory impact on the impression of the reader.

  • Conclusion

The last section of the essay that not only summarizes the main argument but is also known as the second and last chance to impress the reader. You will connect the dots and present information in a way that supports your thesis statement and the information you have added in the main body.

Structure Of Compare & Contrast Essay
Write Compare And Contrast Essay 

How To Write A Compare And Contrast Essay?

It all begins with research if your instructor has set certain conditions; then, make sure to conduct research keeping them in mind. You will need to look for similarities, and note down what makes one subject different from the other.

Check if the information you have found suits your topic and creates a positive sense or not. It is essential to steer clear of adding vague information, the one that doesn’t support either side well. After which:

  • Write A thesis statement

Look for similarity in the selected topics, and tell the readers that are they more diverse then you thought or are they excessively alike. Put together your research and create a perfect impression on the reader here.

While formulating a thesis statement, ask yourself these questions; what is the most exciting part about the topics, what is the primary thought behind sharing the information, what is the most relevant data that can be summarized, and once you have answers to these questions, you are ready to create a flawless thesis statement.

  • Create A Sketch

You will need to sum the collected data and give it a perfect shape, and in order to that, you will need to write down all the main differences and similarities first. When you are done with that, start following the five-paragraph structure we talked about earlier. This way, you will not miss any information and will keep all the significant points in mind while composing it.

  • Begin Writing Your Draft

This is where you will put to use the formation you used in the sketch, and give every paragraph a definite meaning. For that, it is essential to give every section a heading to make it easier for the reader to understand the topic. Moreover, it will enable the readers to skip the part if they do not want to know about the similarities or differences.

  • Revision

Give yourself time; do not rush into writing everything you have congregated during research. The reason is, if you do not write according to how you have planned, then you might make accidental spelling or grammatical mistakes. It is the very cause why proofreading is considered necessary; no doubt, there are several tools that can solve your errors, but still, not even a single one knows the context you wrote the essay in.

The problem arises when one has to work on an assigned topic, which is why they have to go through their research work, again and again, to make sure what they wrote is correct and does not give an ambiguous notion. You are going to discuss the schemes, which is why adequate knowledge of both of them is necessary. For example, there can be a situation in which you have to describe two people from the same time as Joseph Swan & Thomas Edison.

Tips On How To Write A Good Compare & Contrast Essay!

An important point to keep in mind while writing a compare and contrast essay is to select which similarities and differences should be a part of your article.  

It will be a good idea to make a list of commonly discussed diversities and relevancies and select the ones that are rarely talked about. It will help you decide which one should be part of your essay and which one to erase. You can read the below examples and ways to understand better how to write this essay type.

  1. For example, if you are going to discuss the performance of different cars, their color is not an applicable feature. Once you have created a list of all related information, you can select which one to keep and which one to eliminate. This process is part of the drafting phase, which is why it is essential never to test your writing skills in the main document.
  2. When you are comparing two subjects, keep one thing mind, you need to be straightforward, and the paragraphs need to have relevancy and continuity. Else, it can break the focus of the reader and turn their point of view around.
  3. While discussing the similarities and differences, it is essential to always talk about the significance of the diversity and resemblance between them.
  4. There can be times when you are unable to compose an introduction of the essay, especially when you have not prepared a sketch. In Essay48, you can always skip this part and keep it for later because sometimes, when you develop a thesis statement after completing your essay, it can turn out to be quite impressive.
  5. When you have been assigned this type of essay without a topic, you can always go through several themes available on the internet. You will need to be careful about one thing while re-writing an idea, which is to avoid any chances of similarities.
  6. When you are done with your paper, in the revision phase, make sure to add alternative transition words to avoid unnecessary repetition. Plus, it will make the content quite clear for the reader.

The Best Sources To Use For Conducting A Research

The style in which a compare and contrast essay is written should be formal. You can write about the topics without any condition, but all the information you place in the content must be supported by a relevant source of data. It is best to let the readers know why you prop up with a particular idea or fact, explain them with an example, or provide evidence if necessary.

There are few things to keep in mind while selecting sources of information:

  • In case you are looking for information on the internet, then the website you are collecting from must have a reputable shared resource.
  • The data you have gathered is posted on the website recently and is not very old.
  • The information you gather from scholars will have a different and better impact.

There are several other sources you can put to use like books, magazines, articles that have been acknowledged by people and websites that have are well-reputed. The primary reason for writing these essays is to assist readers in reaching a crucial conclusion. As mentioned earlier, this essay can be about two subjects; you can include products, attitudes, characters, people, events, problems, methods, and a lot more, which you can compare.

Conducting A Research
Write Compare And Contrast Essay 

Methods To Organize Your Compare And Contrast Essay

There are two most talked about plans when it comes to this particular type of essay, one presents a point of one topic along with the other, and the second method allows you to add up all the facts and details that are relevant to one subject in different sections. The Point-by-Point method and the block method are the two types that are being practiced in different parts of the world.

The point-by-point method is about breaking down an essay into different sections where one heading or topic is discussed at a time. For example, the first paragraph will present the view why is the first car good, and then in the second section about the second car, in the third section, we will add the similarities and differences between them.

In the block method, you discuss the topics one after the other in two segments. If you are talking about the performance of two different cars, you will mention the differences and similarities of the first car in one topic and the other vehicle in the next block.

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You can always conduct research over the internet, but the best place, to begin with, is the books and available journals on the topic. The reason is, the information over the internet can sometimes be manipulative or misleading, which is why it is essential to verify what you learn from different sources.

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