How To Write A Convincing Case Study Solution?

A case study solution consists of two theoretical impressions; the meanings of the word case are, issue, accident, a process that involves several people or a specific someone and the second meaning is linked to the first in order to create a margin, which is the geographical location and time of the case.

What Is Case Study solution & How to Write A Case Study solution Assignment?

The most important part that people mostly miss while working on these assignments is it requires extensive research. In addition, the one writing case study will need to collect authentic data from several sources, which includes interviews, documentation, explanation, and citations. There are three different kinds of case studies:

  • Key Cases

These cases are selected when a researcher has a keen interest in a specific condition or the situations adjacent to it.

  • Outlier Cases

These are the type of cases that are out from the circle of normality and are considered a vital part of the research for scientists because they can learn from it and reach a conclusion.

  • Local Knowledge Cases

This is a different type where a researcher conducts a case study after all the information regarding a situation or event is gathered. The collected data can be about any occasion, organization, or person.

What Is Case Study solution
How To Write A Convincing Case Study Solution?

After you have decided on the type of case study you are going to work, you can check the below formations that can be applied to the steps given above. A case study can take four different shapes, which are:

1. Illustrative

These are the types or forms that contain explanatory information and are developed to define a specific situation. It can also include reports about events, circumstances surrounding it, and the procedure involved to carry the research out. It helps researchers in finding answers to the questions that are still in the dark.

2. Exploratory

This particular kind is usually not a part of tasks assigned in institutions because they, as the name suggests, is used to find answers to related questions in a research that is complex and/or huge. It assists the researcher in, putting light on the procedure involved in the study and helps in figuring the best solutions out that will not take too much of time.

3. Cumulative

In this particular type, the researchers select case studies that have already been completed on a specific topic. It assists them in finding collective actions and goals of the study to take a broader view of the problem.

4. Critical Instances

If you are a researcher or a going to write an assignment about an event that did not provide everyone with a conclusion, then this is the procedure you will need. To understand a topic or event, a researcher makes deductions to defy the already carried out suppositions due to a lack of analytical comprehension.

The Dos & Don’ts For Writing A Case Study solution

In the dos & don’ts sections, there are several things involved that you need to be careful about while working on your research.

What To Do

  • The most common mistake that is made by students in case studies is that they use old sources to collect data for the project, which is very wrong; a reference should not be older than a year or two unless you are writing on a topic that was concluded years back.
  • The vital section after completing your case study, avoid the structural errors, make sure you are adding all the information in the correct part, and for that, you will need to create an outline that we will later discuss in the topic.
  • Do not just add facts indiscriminately; try not to puzzle the reader; it is essential to add statements and evidence in a logical sequence. It will enable the reader to understand the topic conveniently; moreover, it gives your article a professional appearance.

In the end, it is imperative to go through the article to check how it relates to your topic, and if it is not describing your added statements, then re-write it and make sure it is pertinent to the study.

What Not To

  • Do not rush into the writing phase; take your time to avoid errors and structural mistakes.
  • Do not let the thought escape your mind even for a moment that it is all about exploration, study, and reporting.
  • Try not to disregard the pieces of advice of your seniors or instructors; their opinions might add some useful ideas to your case study, like where to conduct a research list or help you in improving your skills.
  • If you are not prepared to work on a project, then do not begin writing about it, because it will only cause you trouble. So, create an outline, prepare a draft, start working on research, and once you have gathered all the necessary data, start working on the assignment.

How To Write A Case Study solution Assignment?

The first action you need to take here is to collect enough information about the assigned topic when you are done; it means you are already halfway there because this is the most critical part of writing a case study solution. As now you are ready, let us proceed to the next big step, it is imperative to go through your collected work to learn whether you have assembled the correct and valid amount of data.

How To Write A Case Study solution
How To Write A Convincing Case Study Solution?

The root cause of the issue sometimes is concealed in the gathered info. If you have found the problem, then begin working on understanding it and go through the case study details, again and again, to check if you have not missed anything. Once you are sure that the information collected is complete and you can begin with the writing part then follow the formation below for case study analysis:

1. Introduction

A section where you introduce the main problem of the case and summarize what you will discuss in the rest of the parts of the document. It gives the reader an idea of what will be included in the case study and what it will be all about.

At the end of this paragraph, it is essential to include a thesis statement, where you will let the reader know about the main idea of the topic. It needs to be compelling and give the person a reason to read all the information included in the article.

2. Problems Identification

As the case study is supposed to find critical problems and discuss its possible solutions, you are not allowed to reach a decision without adding valid evidence. Once you have gone through the collected material repeatedly, double-check the content you are going to utilize in the article.

If you are putting old case study findings to use, then begin, questioning the solutions shared in those pieces to reach a good judgment or statement. The reason is, you will need to discuss and let the reader know why the problem came into existence in the first place. You should be able to bring out the reason behind a challenging situation for a company in order to provide them with solutions in the next paragraphs.

3. Alternative Course of Action

This is the section where your findings are going to prove to be helpful, as you are going to list the actions that a company can take to eliminate the root cause of the problem or to get ready to face the upcoming challenges.

The most common questions that a researcher needs to look into in this section are the alternatives you discussed, what the requirements are, for example, does the company needs to make an addition of a new system or the current version can be altered to make a difference.

Also, it is essential to keep it in mind that a company can’t do everything you are suggesting in the “must-do” section, the reason can be that the price of the solution is too high or it requires a tremendous amount of effort that cannot be managed. So, avoid such solutions, which a firm cannot arrange, and make an addition of the ones that the company can easily avail; it will prove to be the best resolution.

4. Recommendation or Evaluation

Recommending each alternative utilizing all the stated facts and issues mentioned earlier, this is what we are going to do in this segment of the page. Study and determine the cost and benefits required to settle each discussed affair in the article. State all the associated risks with the solutions you state, also, when you mention the best way out for the problem, answer all the “whys” and “how’s.”

In the end, think that whether your point of view or recommendation of a solution is sufficient from a technical and financial perspective or not. It is crucial to add answers to all the questions that may arise during the process. The best way to get answers to those “how’s” is by looking into resources a company can arrange instead of thinking that this is the best possible solution.

5. Conclusion

It is time to decide the best course of action the company can take to resolve the problem. You gave explanations and answered their questions with facts and figures. The company now knows, the solution you are going to suggest has to be the best feasible way out for them.

Now is the time to impress the readers with the best resolution you can provide after looking into issues and resources of the firm. This is where you can let the readers know why you did not select the other alternative and chose to go with this option.

The final resolution must be based on logical reasoning, and if you think, still there is some problem with your ultimate solution, then not to worry, every solution has risks one has to take. You are stating the best probable solution for the company keeping their deep pockets in mind.

Points To Check After Completing Your Case Study solution Assignment

It is essential to create a draft before writing the final version of the assignment writing task. If you want various mistakes to be a part of your case study assignment, then you can begin writing on the original file. Common problems like you are not good with the English language or do not have the skills to compose an article in it, then you can ask for assistance at any time.

However, if you want to resolve the issues on your own, then you will need to follow the bucket of the bits of advice given above. Before finalizing your paper, you need to read, read again, and keep revising the information you added to find different negative angles a reader can point out.

Check for structural flaws, have you implemented all the collected evidence, and the thesis statement is going well with the facts in the document or not. If you think it will take a lot of time to finalize the case study, then take as many days as you want because writing in a rush will always result in minor errors that can turn the meaning of the document around.

Completing Your Case Study solution Assignment
How To Write A Convincing Case Study Solution?

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