Macarthur Australia Limited Marketing Mix Strategy 7Ps Analysis

Posted by Henry Davis on Jan 10 2018

Macarthur Australia Limited needs to develop marketing mix strategies to achieve its desired results within the market that it serves. By developing strategies that address the various aspects of each element, Macarthur Australia Limited will be able to achieve its broad marketing strategy. An analysis of the 7 elements of the marketing mix and recommended strategies among each for Macarthur Australia Limited are as follows:

Marketing Mix of Macarthur Australia Limited


  • Macarthur Australia Limited sells its products under 5 broad categories, and each of these serves as separate product lines. All of its products are sold under the brand name of Macarthur Australia Limited.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited sells products with a lot of variety available, which allows customers to select the product variety that best suits them.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited sells products that are highly differentiated, with various features offered to customers that competitors don’t offer. Its products are therefore considered to be unique.
  • Its products are perceived to be of higher quality than that of competitors. Therefore, customers are willing to pay a higher price for these.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited sells products that are famous for its traditional design that is also practical for customers to use.

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Recommended Product Strategy for Macarthur Australia Limited

  • Macarthur Australia Limited should extend additional benefits for purchasing its products that include warranties, delivery and credit, after-sales service, helpline services etc.
  • It should introduce new products that are in line with the latest trends in the market. It should identify opportunities within the market and introduce new products that make use of these opportunities.
  • It should test newly introduced products in test markets before going for full commercialization of these.
  • It should introduce widen its product portfolio, offering new product lines to fulfill customer needs.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should improve its product packaging such that it is more convenient to transport and use. Its packaging should also be visually appealing so that customers are attracted to it.


  • The current pricing strategy to set the price level that Macarthur Australia Limited follows is a competitive based pricing strategy. This is because the data on competitors is easily available due to a large number of competitors that exists within the industry.
  • It also takes costs into consideration to set prices for a few products for which either information is not available on competitors, or are costlier to make,
  • Macarthur Australia Limited sells its products at a higher price than competitors. This is because it offers more features, and the high price makes up for these.
  • It currently uses product bundle pricing as well, where products are bundled together and sold at prices lower than the total of individual items.
  • It also uses an optional product pricing strategy for certain products, where it offers a price for the base product and separate prices for the accessories that come along with it.
  • It charges a greater price for the products it sells online. This is because delivery costs have been included in the price of the product.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited has fixed the prices of the final product. Channel members; retailers and wholesalers, buy the product at a lower price and earn through their own margins.

Recommended Price Strategy for Macarthur Australia Limited

  • Macarthur Australia Limited should introduce discounts and allowances, where it lowers prices for a short period of time in order to attract customers and gain market share. It can do this by reducing a percentage off the price of its products.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should use psychological pricing where it prices products so that they seem to be lower; for example, it can price a product worth $100 as $99 as people would consider this to be lower.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should introduce new products with a price penetration strategy where it offers an initial lower price than competitors to gain market share. This will ensure that new products that are introduced are used by and become more popular than that of competition.


  • Macarthur Australia Limited sells its products through two marketing channels. The first is where it sells directly to its customer through its online website. The second is where it sells to wholesalers who then sell to different retailers located all over the country. These then sell to its customers.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited has its products present on over 500 retailers throughout the country. It follows an intensive marketing strategy where it tries to include its products on as many retailers as possible. This ensures that its products are available to customers easily in different parts of the country.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited has a substantial amount of online sales with frequent traffic on its websites. In order to run its online operations, Macarthur Australia Limited has partnered with numerous delivery service providers in order to provide timely deliveries.
  • It follows an omni-channel distribution system where it has integrated its online and offline stores to allow customers easy access to its products.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited has a network of over 500 suppliers that provide it with the raw materials needed for production. It has developed a close working relationship with its suppliers allowing the company to work with them to innovate and introduce new and attractive features on its products.

Recommended Place Strategy for Macarthur Australia Limited

  • Macarthur Australia Limited should open up its shop on social media as well, where it would sell its products on these platforms along with social media posts. This will allow the company to generate more sales. Its online shop and social media pages should be integrated in order to provide easy navigation to its users.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should focus on improving its online website such that it becomes more user-friendly and easier to use.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should ensure that it sells its products to large retailers through personal selling. These large retailers have grown in recent years and attract a large number of customers. This would ensure that Macarthur Australia Limited increases its sales.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should open up company-operated retail stores, where it offers all of its products. This would help save costs for the company as retailer and wholesaler margins would not exist.


  • Macarthur Australia Limited uses multiple media channels to promote its products. It uses traditional media, which includes an advertisement on television and radio. This is beneficial due to its large reach and ability to attract a large number of people. It uses online and social media advertising, which is cheaper and beneficial due to the increasing usage of the internet.
  • It advertises on various social media platforms with a focus on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter due to the high monthly usage of these. It has over one hundred thousand likes or customer following on these pages, which are exposed to frequent content uploaded by Macarthur Australia Limited.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited undergoes various sales promotion taking part in various trade exhibitions and events around the year.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited undergoes personal selling, with a large sales force to increase its presence in retail stores.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited uses a percentage of sales method to determine the promotions budget for the year.

Recommended Promotions Strategy for Macarthur Australia Limited

  • Macarthur Australia Limited should hire influencers on social media such as bloggers or popular TV/movie stars, and include them in its advertisements. Bloggers can post content on their social media pages in order to promote Macarthur Australia Limited. TV/movie stars can be included in advertisement commercials to increase acceptance of the product by customers.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should initiate an advertising campaign where a consistent message is provided to customers on all media platforms. This will help increase awareness for the brand within the minds of the customers.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should undergo various digital marketing technique in order to improve the online traffic on its website. These include a banner advertisement, Search Engine Optimization and creating its blog.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should make social media posts that are more relevant to its target audience. The posts should also be such that they encourage further action by customers such as sharing the posts with friends or leaving feedback in the form of comments. These should incorporate the latest social media trends such as hashtags, memes etc.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should start collecting data on customers and start sending them messages through email or SMS, which will eventually result in repeat purchase by customers.


  • Macarthur Australia Limited has people working under its sales team that play a vital role in its marketing efforts. These people have been trained in persuasive techniques, but also to show respect to the business customers taking into consideration their preferences.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited has people working in its customer service department. These are contacted by customers in case of any issues within the product, and these people guide customers through the process of getting the issues resolved. These people are trained to respect the customers and try their best to get their issues resolved.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited has people working with suppliers to obtain raw materials. These people play a vital role in maintaining or improving the quality of the final product produced.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited has people working at retail stores who help the customer on site, by answering any questions or helping them decide the product that best suits their needs.

Recommended People Strategy for Macarthur Australia Limited

  • Macarthur Australia Limited should undergo trainings for its sales force, customer services and purchasing people as these play a vital role in delivering value to the customers.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should provide incentives to its sales force through bonuses for meeting targets, or through commissions for the sales made.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should hire people that show respect towards customers, and are committed to the company.


  • Macarthur Australia Limited to make sure that its products are always available at retail stores has systems installed where retailers can notify when their inventory levels are low. Macarthur Australia Limited provides them with more products while ordering its productions to replenish its stock. This ensures that products are always available to customers when needed.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited has an online delivery process, where orders are received in the computer system and based on these orders, the relevant product from the inventory is shipped to the delivery service provider.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited is actively involved in researching market opportunities in order to understand customer needs. It also develops understanding regarding customer needs through feedback collected at store, its helpline or social media pages.

Recommended Process Strategy for Macarthur Australia Limited

  • Macarthur Australia Limited should use computers across to handle its various process to increase efficiency and timely delivery to customers.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should constantly look for ways to innovate and improve its processes in terms of efficiency and cost. Costs savings would eventually lead to lower prices for its products.

Physical Evidence

  • Macarthur Australia Limited sells its products in a distinct color packaging that easily identifiable on retail shelves. These are placed on special shelves provided by the company, which also have a distinct color and design. This makes it easier for customers to locate such shelves in busy retail stores.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited has an online website that is user-friendly and allows customers to view its products in high quality images taken from various angles.

Recommended Physical Evidence Strategy for Macarthur Australia Limited

  • Macarthur Australia Limited should collect feedback from its customers regarding its packaging so that it could improve on this.
  • Macarthur Australia Limited should set up its own stores where it provides a shopper-friendly environment and ambience, encouraging its customers to purchase its products.

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