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It has been argued that in modern, and highly innovative, and developed countries such as United Kingdom, where employee dexterity and creativity are comparatively more significant, much of company’s value exists in intangible assets. It has been observed that the proportion of the enterprise market has increased multifold times, over the years as compared to book value. It is necessary to mention here that although non-tangible assets include brand equity, goodwill and patents, human resources and organizational culture are also considered intangible assets that create value for the company as a whole. According to a research, it has been proven that quality, profitability, efficiency and shareholder value are affected because of the manner in which human resource is managed in an organization. If we believe that human resource operations and functions affect the business success through organizational capabilities, improving the level of employee satisfaction and redefining customer contentment, new human resource measurements and techniques should be developed to initiate business performance. Unless and until, human resource processes are manipulated to drive the functions and behaviors of human resource professionals and line managers, human resource performances can hardly be anticipated to exhibit any prominent effect on the bottom line.

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Drastic and sudden changes in human resource techniques are imperatively required to re-establish the priorities and resources of human resource department. Rather than being driven by human resource, the new advancements require human resource operations and performance to be business focused. Rather than being function oriented, new development in human resource should be power oriented. Last but not the least, instead of just concentrating on individual performance and practices, future human resource tools should emphasis on collective performance and activities of the human resource department. (Feinberg, 2009).

With the continuing changes occurring in human resource management, it has become very important for employees and managers to be aware of the issues that human resource team may confront today. Some of the issues which are most common to any kind of business are; workplace diversity, change management, compensation and benefits, recruiting skilled employees and training and development. These are only a few of many issues that human resource team must be ready to deal with anytime. (Wei, 2006)

Business Essay:

Human resource unit has a serious role in hiring, recruiting, training, and promoting individuals who fit within the culture and work norms of Southwest Airlines. Human resource is completely accountable for selecting and offering jobs to those who are adequate with the company’s culture and implementation. Such operations include conducting interviews and ascertaining the best business personality. Southwest Airlines has not permitted the hiring officers to act informal; however the officers have the leverage of being creative. In present times, just like in any other company, workforce has lost confidence in the management team of Southwest Airline because of layoffs, wrong hiring of managers, and firings. Instead of being a team player, employees look to develop their own career paths in a selfish manner. Employees start to search here and there for better opportunities, and loyalty is lost for their own current employers. As a result human resource managers must look for various options to train the employees and provide opportunities to job rotations while working for the better future and stronger mission of the company. (Hall, 2007).

It is said that best people seek out the best employers. Talented and self-confident individuals know their work and seek for respective employers in the interest of potential career development. To that extent, employees will then look for employers who are famous in the pertinent career business and carry an established name and image in the industry. It has been seen that initially, fresh applicants may be willing to commence their careers with lower pay scale only to get into the appropriate company who will help them pursue their career goals later. Human resource managers should consider long term perspective rather than a myopic view while creating an image that competent employees are searching for. The bedrock of human resource function is talent retention, i.e. keeping highly skilled performers from leaving the company and joining a competitor’s firm. The combat for talent retaining that talent has become a fiery issue at the corporate world. Nowadays, employees drift through an organization as these employees flow through their respective career. (Brown, 2007).

Companies now invest extravagantly on training employees and teaching them the best industry techniques. Human resource is assigned tasks of holding strong the best talent in the market. This is achieved at a cost of compensation, new assignments, recognition and promotions which can be monetary as well as non-monetary. (Fewster, 1998)


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