OSSCube Leveraging Social Media

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OSSCube Leveraging Social Media Case Study Solution

OSScube is a global open source software development company specializing in development of open source software solutions. It has always used leads in attracting customers. With the change in time, the social media grew very rapidly as the internet traffic grew. This growth on social media appearance was resulted because of dynamic used of these networks. Companies spotted this opportunity and tried to capitalize over this by using these platforms as a marketing and customer targeting tool. OSScube along with SEO tried on many tools like Adsense, Mivia and social networking sites to attract traffic. However, these strategies have not been very successful, so they felt a need to shift from lead developing to branding strategies.

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Branding option was a worth pursuing idea, and it has many benefits than any other marketing strategies. Brands are promises and these promises should be delivered. Moreover, one thing that OSScube should be careful is that, if brand talks about promise, it should be a single promise and whole brand communication should be based on that promise. In other words, brand persona should be unique, and brand should be communicated as per that persona. Here, OSScube should be careful in developing brand persona. They appear to be an open source development company, but, later they shifted their focus on being more of providing consulting services. They should first determine their brand persona, or brand as a single idea, If, OSScube want to be a consulting firm or developing firm. After the development of a single idea, OSScube should focus on marketing of that idea and communicating it.

After the development of brand persona, begins the communication and marketing. There should be different platforms and procedures for marketing of this idea. Firstly, there is an option of bidding against the words that represent the brand persona in search engines to appear on the top. For example, word “open source”, OSScube should bid on words like these so that search engine will divert the researcher to its website. In doing so, the primary word will be associate with the brand persona. Moreover, in order to keep the website on top, it should be developed with the newest technology and the word that was bid upon should be used more often in that website. This will make search engine divert the search results to that website and will also create brand associations.

Moreover, there should be a backup media campaign on social networks including Facebook, twitter, MySpace etc. It should be kept in mind that this campaign translates the same persona. Addition to that, posts should be made carefully based on if images, videos or text get more attention. These social media accounts should be updated regularly and there can be many options of ensuring engagement. These options including the hunt for an employee, or giving gifts as per created a program that is according to brand persona.

If OSScube should highlight the events taking place within the organization and should boost up their PR department to capture the media attention. Moreover, they can use bloggers as the opinion leaders, and they can enforce the brand as being more trustworthy. All the success and failure depends on the way the communication occurs and if OSScube is able to communicate the brand persona to others.

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