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SG Cowen

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Decision on which two of the four candidates should be given an offer:

All shortlisted candidates have the traits to become a successful professional at SG Cowen. However, the task at hand is to select the ideal candidates based on the skills level, commitment and leadership quality. When critically analyzed, the four candidates have good positive points; therefore, the question at hand is that which candidate has a greater weakness that would prevent him from becoming an ideal choice.

The first candidate, Godlewska appears to have a strong educational background and her ability to communicate in different languages makes her a good choice. She definitely has leadership qualities, work ethics and technical skills. The only weakness that might cause some concern is her interpersonal skills. However, this weakness can be taken care of as with experience, she will use her learning skills to overcome this factor. Therefore, her weakness is not that strong, and she is an ideal candidate for recruitment especially keeping in mind the fact that SG Cowen is expanding geographically and plans to maintain a strong communication between all its offices

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The second candidate, Street is not a strong choice as compared to other candidates. This is because, he is not one of the top students at his school; his grades are not known, and lastly, there is a huge question mark on his loyalty to the firm. It is important that SG Cowen recruit passionate students who have the desire to work with them. They should share the same passion that the higher management has. Street does not seem to share this passion and his loyalty, at the moment, is questionable. Therefore, he should not be considered for the job.

Gokdstein and Sanchez are experienced professionals with a proven track record of excellence in their previous roles. It is very difficult to make a decision based on their credentials. However, each has a weakness. While Goldstein seems to be too mature for this post, Sanchez has not been able to perform well in his studies. However, there is no confusion regarding the academic potential of Sanchez as he has excellent GMAT and SAT scores. Based on these reasons, Sanchez should be selected, and Goldstein should not be offered a position. Therefore, the two candidates who should be offered a position at SG Cowen should be Andy Sanchez and Natalya Godlewska.

Recommendations for improving in the selection process for next year:

While the current selection process of the firm seems to be working well, there are some improvements that can help SG Cowen to make its selection criteria better. Firstly, the firm should give priority to its core schools. The new policy to diverge focus from the top ten schools should be followed at all times.

Also, the firm may introduce software analysis to categorize the personality types of the candidates in advance and match them with those required by the firm. This will increase the efficiency of the recruitment process as the current recruitment process wholly depends upon the judgment of the interviewer. Also, it should be ensured that every candidate is interviewed once by all interviewers. This will help to establish a common ground for all candidates where their strengths and weaknesses could be discussed.

The firm might also choose to introduce, and assessment center to narrow down the prospective hires further before they come for final interviews on Super Saturday. An ideal selection process can be as follow:

Figure 1: Process Diagram

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