Recruitment of a Star

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Whom should Stephen Connor hire? Why?

If the choice of selection of candidates was to be analyzed keeping all aspects of every candidate in consideration, Seth Horkum can be considered the most suitable selection among the pool of potential candidates. The first impression of Seth Horkum is that he is an experienced stock picker as there are several examples of his selected stocks that went good. Although his history shows some lose ends at stock picking, but that is normal in this industry. The proof of his excellent performance was that he got a second runner up position in the Institutional Investor magazine. This post requires the candidate to be extensively social in the industry. Making contacts are vital for the progress of any candidate and the company. Seth Horkum had reasonably good number of contacts due to his vast experience in the same field of operations. Power chip is in his stronger capacity due to the contacts made in the industry. His strong background can compensate for some weakness in writing and presentation skills. The company has the potential to train him according to the specified required for a particular candidate.

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Seth has a roadmap designed for him to get to the top. The reason of leaving the current firm is also a reasonable one as it is hindering him to his way on the top. His intelligence and expertise confirms that he has the potential of what he is planning to do. Dedication to work is one of the strongest points of his selection process which can be judged by the fact that he can disclose his important information to others without any disregard. The matter of fact is that he is interested in his work and works with passion. The change of firms to achieve higher rankings could have been a negative point for this candidate, but he explained it effectively. He explained that Jeffersons Brothers are not dedicated to him like he is with them. He requires a company which encourages teamwork and supportive environment. RSH could be the optimum platform for such a candidate because this could lead him to be the best in his expertise. Seth did not talk about the compensation and wage offered in his interview as he was more interested in the type of environment, scale of independency and methodology of the operations handled in the firm. Hence, Seth Horkum is the best suitable candidate for the desired post.

Imagine yourself in the place of each of the candidates. What strengths would you bring to light during the interview with Stephen? How would you distinguish yourself from the other candidates?

Punctuality is an integral part of making an impression in a job interview. A candidate looks professional if he arrives on time or before the time. It also shows that the candidate respects the time of the interviewer giving him a sense of importance. Seriousness towards the job is to be seen through the time keeping of the candidate. In the case of RSH interviews, Gerald Baum arrived fifteen minutes late for the meeting with Stephen which put a negative impact on Stephen and showed the lack of professionalism in the candidate. David Hughes arrived just on time as Stephen arrived, resulting in an impression of promptness made on the interviewer. Sonia Meetha was waiting for Stephen outside the place appointed for the meeting, resulting in a positive impact of the personality. Seth Horkum, the fourth candidate, arrived fifteen minutes earlier than Stephen, impressing the interviewer with his punctuality and professionalism.

If the candidate has a bad mouth for the current employer, an impression is put onto the interviewer that the employee will have a bad mouth for the future firm too. Hence, the candidates have to be careful about the choice of words and the way of expressing their disagreements with the current firm. Gerald Baum started the conversation with the description of his current firm’s weaknesses. David Hughes was careful about his negativity for the current firm he was working with. Sonia Meetha had her way of explaining the differences of her current firm. Finally, Seth Horkum was the candidate who represented his position in an honest and most appropriate way. He wanted to grow and reach the top level which was only possible through this job at RSH. Stephen was impressed by Seth Horkum, as every interviewer would have.

During an interview, a candidate has to be as precise as possible, and should explain his potentials according to the requirements of the job. Gerald Baum had the expertise which Stephen required for the firm, but he also had some attitude problem which, Stephen thought, would be problematic for a team oriented company like RSH. David Hughes had an impressive record of stock picking and report writing, but it was known about him that he has some unhappy clients in the industry. Sonia Meetha was an ambitious and dedicated professional but lacked the expertise in the global semiconductor industry. Seth Horkum, on the other hand, seemed to be a perfect fit for the job as he had an impressive track record. Stephen observed a huge potential in him to be on the top of the list in the industry.

Evaluate the selection and hiring processes at Rubin, Stern, and Hertz. What changes, if any, do you recommend?

Rubin, Hertz and Stern has a strong research and development department due to which the company has its reputation in the market. Stephen Connor, the director of RSH, makes sure that the environment in the workplace stays as supportive as possible. The company has prominent sell side research analysts and other analysts for report writing. Every employee works in the form of groups and teamwork is the key to RSH success. Employee turnover is low to  the extent that if any employee leaves his place for any reason, the system gets affected by the particular event. Hence, the hiring process of RSH is highly crucial for the smooth flow of operations in the company.

If any employee resigns from the job or there is a need for another candidate for a particular project, current employees are preferred to be selected if they acquire the particular capabilities. If there is no substitute and internal hiring take place then director arranges professional recruiters. There recruiters search the entire industry for suitable candidates. Once professional recruiters have found the selected candidates, resumes of those candidates are sent to the director. Director creates a pool of candidates in order to have a diversified view of them. Pre screening phase is completed by the director in which each candidate’s history is closely monitored, and his/her current status in the industry is researched. Several resumes are accepted and rejected, likewise, in the prescreening phase of the hiring process. Director of the company is the main player in this whole process.
Selected candidates from the prescreening phase are called for an interview with the director. The director meets each individual separately. Interview starts with formal questions such as the reason of leaving current employer, expectation from the job, goals, ambitions etc. Frank discussions are also included in order to open up the candidates and know about their nature and behavior. The reason of some frank questions is that RSH is based on team work and supportive environment, and it needs people who think likewise and are able to work in the provided environment. Hence, formal questions combined with frank and random questions make up the complete interview of a candidate. The final selection is also done by the director who then appoints the selected candidate accordingly.

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