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Quick Facts About Dissertation Writing.

Well, dissertation is mostly once in a lifetime project that students are asked to write at the end of their degree. Dissertation writing is more of a technical and delicate academic writing task which is quite different from the common assignments and writing tasks. A dissertation involves extensive research, acquaintance with the right format, grip on the subject and of course a lot of struggle. 

Since dissertation is once in a lifetime task, most students are not prepared for the required skill and expertise which is quite understandable. For instance, if you are recently assigned a dissertation, do you have any idea how long its abstract should be? What should be the ideal length of the introduction? Which exact format will you follow? What means of research will you adopt and how exactly would you quote all the references taken from some other credible sources?

We believe that all these questions are quite enough to screw your mind if you haven’t prepared well already for this cause. Let’s share a quick fact with you here. Irrespective of the size of the dissertation, you are required to quote a reasonably large number of citations in your work. for instance, if you write a 10000 word Economics dissertation, you are expected to include at least 90 to hundred citations in your work. 

Common dissertation writing practice in Australian academic institutes.

When we refer to the standard length of the dissertation, we cannot restrict it to some certain number of words or number of pages. This clearly depends on the nature of the topic and a couple of other factors. Usually, a dissertation can stretch up to 40000 to 50000 words in case of pursuing doctoral degrees. Again, this is not a set pattern. 

Scholars pursuing their doctoral degrees are expected to perform like learned scientists. They are expected to present a legitimate and solid hypothesis, they are also required to conduct an extensive research along with defining the means of research employed in their case. So in a nutshell, a student is expected to behave and perform like a literal scientist and the work is expected to be of such level which could be referred and used in future research works as well. 

Apart from the research, another crucial aspect is following the right standard format which is academically followed and practices. If your work is not presented in the standard format, this will not stand a chance to pass no matter how extensive research you have conducted and how many sleepless nights have you spent so far. 

What is dissertation writing in simple words?

Dissertation writing is the final and ultimate assessment of a student wherein the assignee judges the overall understanding of the student in given subject and topic. In a dissertation, the student exhibits best of his research skills, presentation, comprehension and simulation skills that reflect the mental caliber of that certain student. In a dissertation, a student works on the selected topic through extensive research and comes up with certain findings. These findings are always essentially backed up with legit proof. 

The prime purpose of the dissertation is to assign a task to a student where he takes the whole responsibility of the study. He builds the whole background, proves it with valid proof, chooses the right means of research, and come up with a final and absolute study. The length and nature of dissertations certainly vary depending on the nature of the subject, topic, and obviously the level of studies or degree.

As mentioned earlier, dissertation is considered as a formal task and is subject to following certain rules that cannot be denied. It basically requires application of concepts, practice of theories, solid proof and evidence for independent research conducted by the individual student, following the right format that corroborates with the nature of the dissertation topic along with the completion within the specified time frame termed as deadline in the academic set up. 

Dissertation writing help online at Essay48

We have been helping the students for quite a long time in meeting these narrow deadlines. When it comes to writing promising dissertations, no other website is even close to the professionalism and quality we offer. All our standard of working lies in the professionals that we hire onboard. We make sure to hire only thorough professionals who along with higher relevant degrees in the subject, also possess a proven track record of working on similar projects in past.

Our customer friendly dissertation writing assistance online incorporates all those elements, which can be expected from a top rated academic writing company. Right from beginning until the end, we make sure that the client gets everything even beyond his expectation. Having only the top professionals onboard with us, we have everything that it takes for timely completion of a promising dissertation that gets approved and appreciated.

Our experts opt run of the mill working approach so that your institute doesn’t know that you hired professional help in any way. This timely and professional assistance helps you enjoy your student life to the fullest meanwhile having now concerns about any pending assignments including the dissertations. 

Common chapters in a well formatted dissertation

We have discussed already that a dissertation is a formal piece of writing that is subject to various restrictions and formats. Following the right and accurate format is also a pre condition for winning the marks you desire. Somehow, this common pattern may slightly vary depending on different demands of different institutes. Here below, we will be highlighting some of the most common aspects of a dissertation. Missing any of these chapters or components may easily land you in a danger zone.

Abstract ( Main argument)


Review of literature

Methods of research employed in your work

Your ultimate findings (Backed with solid arguments and citations)

Your final hypothesis

One full dedicated chapter of citations/references

How Covid 19 Pandemic will impact dissertation writing in 2021

Well, this deadly pandemic broke in 2019 has affected the masses around the world irrespective of the regions. Europe was especially hit and targeted by it and it cause thousands of deaths. Moreover, this has also limited the human mobility and also the way we used to interact with each other. This has also changed our academics as well since the schools, colleges and universities have probably seen biggest shut downs in known human history. 

In past, a student working on an important project could easily go to any nearest library for books consultation but ever since the Pandemic’s outbreak, we cannot move freely around. Even libraries are no different in this case. This causing limited access to books and all the helping material has further complicated the whole scenario and we cannot have easy access to all those sources which are essential.

With the rise in the disease and limiting options, there has also been a massive rise in demand for online dissertation writing help Australia and students have reached out to professional tutoring websites for immediate support and legit assistance. Essay48 has helped hundreds of thousands of students in meeting their deadlines by delivery perfectly written dissertations and other assignments at pretty affordable fees. 

Standard length of a dissertation and thesis.

Well, as we mentioned earlier that there isn’t a rule of thumb with regards to the word limit in a dissertation or thesis. Somehow, there are some common practices which one ought to follow. For instance, in master’s dissertation, most institutes put a cap on 50000 as maximum word limit. Somehow, they expect from you to comprehensively address the issue confining yourself to mere 35 to 4o thousand words.

When it comes to PhD or doctoral dissertations and theses. These are more of advanced and detailed papers which are properly published in renowned journals. Here most institutes put a cap on 100,000 words maximum but again they expect from you to sum up the entire case comprehensively right within 75 to 80 thousand words. 

Essay48 is quite familiar with the word count issue. Our experts do not necessarily focus on the word count, instead, they emphasize on properly building and presenting the case and they preferably strive to end the case right within the confines of common practices. 

Editing a dissertation at Essay48 for perfection

This is another great approach for getting a perfect dissertation that is properly edited and pruned by a professional PhD degree holder who is aware of all sensitivities of this paper. In case you ask us for proofreading and editing of your already written dissertation for a professional touch, our experts make sure to deploy only the ethical guidelines defined and created by CASE.  

Through this standard method, we check your paper for grammatical and technical issues only along with ascertaining its research competence. The professionals may change a bit of the preface, Glossary and citations just in order to make it look in accordance to the professional  standards. So you can order a full fledge dissertation with full c0onviction and with a confidence of getting absolute quality. 

Why Essay48 is a rational choice for online dissertation writing help Australia?

Well, apart from mere quality and prices, there’s a lot more you can expect from Essay48. We make sure to hire only subject specialist and highly qualified tutors after a grilling scanning process where each one of their credentials is double checked. All of these professionals are committed with us onboard. Having an in house set up, all the professionals here are quickly accountable for any possible lags in work they deliver.

We connect both customer and the writer for uninterrupted discussions in a loop so that there’s no communication gap at all. This constant discussion helps in creating a perfect dissertation that truly reflects the aspirations of the client. when it comes to the customer support, ours is beyond perfection. We carefully hire the top professionals who know their job very well. After extensive training sessions, we transform them into problem solvers. Students to reach to us in a panic mode are calmed by the customer support and presented with instant solutions tailor made according to their needs.

Finally we can talk about the prices. We have been serving in the writing industry for quite a long time and we are quite familiar with high prices charged in writing companies. This is not the case with us. We have immense resources with us onboard that enable us to offer our seamless tutoring and writing services on exceptionally low prices without compromising or hurting the quality and this is probably the best aspect of our services. So what are you waiting for? Come and place your order to get a perfectly written dissertation right within the stipulated time frame. 

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