A study on the influence of perceived CSR on customer loyalty in the British banking industry


The purpose of this study is to understand if CSR practices adopted by British banking organizations are effective in terms of increasing customer loyalty. Studies offer contradictory results and evidence to establish a strong relationship between CSR and customer loyalty in the British banking industry is weak.

Research method

A quantitative approach with a cross-sectional survey design will be adopted. Online data collection will save time and cost. The CSR will be measured across the following dimensions- responsibility towards shareholders, responsibility towards customers, responsibility towards employees, responsibility towards environment and responsibility towards society/community.

Target population and sample

The study targets British banking customers (above 18 years’ old). Non-probability sampling strategy will be adopted. The targeted sample size is 200 customers accessed through social networking sites.

Research instrument

An online, self-administered questionnaire with close-ended questions. Survey Monkey will be used to upload the questionnaire and gather survey data. Seven points Likert agreement scale will be used for response measurement. Descriptions of each CSR dimension and customer loyalty will be adapted from previous studies.

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