Impact of Chinese consumers’ ethnocentrism on purchase intentions of foreign products


Consumers’ ethnocentric attitude plays an important role in determining their behaviour towards foreign products. The proposed study will evaluate the ethnocentrism of Chinese customers and its influence on their willingness to purchase foreign low-involvement products. The ethnocentrism is operationalized by adapting Consumer Ethnocentrism Tendency Scale (Cetscale). The study hypothesizes that consumers' ethnocentrism positively relates to the purchase intentions of domestic products, and negatively relates to the purchase intentions of foreign products.

Research method

Positivist philosophy, deductive strategy and descriptive research design will be chosen to achieve the research purpose. The quantitative method with online survey data collection strategy will be used.

Target population and sample

The target population of this study will be Chinese consumers of low-involvement products (like fast moving consumer goods). Convenience sampling strategy will be used. The sample size will be 100 respondents.

Research instrument

A structured questionnaire with five-point Likert scale will be used, where, the first part of the questionnaire will be based on the Cetscale and second part will evaluate the customers' purchase intentions. Last part will collect basic demographic information of participants. The questionnaire will be internet-mediated and self-administered.

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