Relationship between customer knowledge management and customer agility: An analysis of Chinese five star hotels in the city centre, Beijing


The proposed study aims at understanding the effect of customer knowledge management on customer agility in Chinese five star hotels. The study hypothesized that customer knowledge management positively influences the customer agility, where, customer knowledge management will be measured across three dimensions- knowledge about the customer, knowledge from customer and knowledge for the customer). Customer agility will be measured through sensing and responding.

Research method

Primary research method and a quantitative research approach will be adopted to achieve the research purpose. By using a deductive strategy, the hypothesized relationships will be tested under the guidance of positivism philosophy.

Target population and sample

The study will target the marketing managers currently working in the Chinese five star hotels. The research context will be narrowed down by only targeting the five star hotels operating in the city centre, Beijing. A combination of convenience and snowball sampling will be used to draw responses from at least 100 managers (frontline, middle and senior).

Research instrument

A close-ended questionnaire with a five-point Likert scale. A small pilot study will be conducted to confirm the instrument's reliability. Variable operationalization will be based on a literature review.

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