Effects of sales promotion on the purchase decision of Chinese customers: A case of the online retailing fast fashion industry


This study intends to analyse the relationship between sales promotion tools and consumers’ purchase behaviour in case of online fast fashion products in China. The study results will determine the extent to which sales promotion tools encourage customers’ purchase behaviour. The survey results will help the undertaken research to highlight the important advantages of using sales promotion in Chinese online retailing fast fashion industry.

Research method

The study develops following hypothesis statements: H1) coupons positively influence purchase behaviour, H2) price discounts positively influence purchase behaviour, H3) free samples positively influence purchase behaviour, H4) buy 1 get 1 free offer positively influence purchase behaviour. These hypothesis statements will be tested by adopting a primary research method and quantitative research choice. Online survey research design is selected for conducting research.

Target population and sample

Chinese customers of online retailing fast fashion products. Non-probability sampling used to draw responses from 250 customers (minimum).

Research instrument

A close-ended questionnaire with Likert scale. The questionnaire divided into six parts. The first part- demographics, second to fifth parts about different sales promotion tools. Last part about purchase behaviour.

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