Influence of green marketing practices on consumer-based brand equity: An empirical analysis of the Chinese generation Y in the fashion clothing industry


The proposed study intends to analyse the influence of green marketing practices (green production, green packaging, green promotion and green distribution) on the customer based brand equity (operationalized through brand awareness, brand association, perceived quality and brand loyalty) in Chinese fashion clothing industry.

Research method

Positivist philosophy will be based to set the assumptions for gathering and analysing the data. The primary research method will be selected, and correlational (causal) research design will be adapted to analyse the influence of independent variables (green marketing dimensions) on the dependent variable (brand equity).

Target population and sample

The target population will be generation Y Chinese fashion clothing customers. Convenience sampling strategy will be used to collect survey data from at least 150 participants. Popular Chinese social networking sites will be used to contact the participants.

Research context and instrument

The close-ended, internet-mediated questionnaire will be the primary research instrument, and SPSS will be used for analysis purpose. Descriptive statistics (percentages and pie/bar charts), correlation and regression analysis techniques will be used to present primary research findings.

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