Impact of celebrity-endorsed advertisements on consumer behaviour in the British/Chinese fashion industry


The study's first objective is to understand the significance of celebrity spokespeople in increasing the purchase intentions in British luxury fashion clothing industry. The researcher will measure the influence of celebrity endorsement through attractiveness, expertise and credibility on purchase behaviour.

Research method

Primary research method, positivism philosophy, deductive strategy, descriptive research design and cross-sectional time frame selected for developing research methodology. The quantitative method with online survey strategy chosen as a data collection strategy. SPSS used for analysis. Correlation and Regression used to analyse results.

Target population and sample

The study will target British male and female fashion customers. Luxury fashion clothing market segment will be targeted to conduct research in a narrow context. Access to these customers gained through social media. The non-probability sampling technique used to collect data from 200 customers. A small pilot study with 40 customers conducted to check if the instrument can be used to generate reliable results.

Research instrument

A structured, close-ended questionnaire distributed through online mediums after uploading on Survey Monkey website. The celebrity endorsement will be measured through attractiveness, credibility and expertise. Consumer behaviour will be measured through purchase intentions. Last part of the questionnaire will ask demographic questions.

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