The influence of business ethics on female consumers’ buying behaviour in the British cosmetics industry


The purpose of this research study is to understand the importance of corporate ethics from British female customers' perspective and its consequent influence on buying behaviour. The objective is to understand the practical application of important theoretical concepts like social responsibility and ethical consumerism. The aim is to analyse if British female customers are willing to pay extra for cosmetic products from companies with high ethical standards. The study also aims to analyse individual characteristics like self-esteem and environmental consciousness to understand if ethical consumerism differs across these characteristics.

Research method

Primary research method with descriptive research design and positivist philosophy.

Target population and sample

The target population of this research is female British cosmetic customers. Online native British customers will be targeted. The targeted segmented will be accessed through Facebook, Instagram and other popular social networking sites. The probability sampling strategy used to collect data from 300 customers.

Research instrument

Self-administered questionnaire uploaded on Survey Monkey. Multiple scales used to measure responses. Instrument reliability tested by checking Cronbach alpha value. Questionnaire divided into
1) introductory section,
2) corporate ethics and values,
3) buying behaviour.

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