Influence of web experience on virtual buying behaviour of Chinese customers. An empirical study of online clothing stores


This research study aims to analyse the possible correlation between web experience and online buying decision. The web experience will be investigated through web attractiveness, web content, web functionality and psychological category. The functional category includes usability and interactivity; the psychological category includes trust-building elements and web content include aesthetic factors.

Research method

Philosophy of positivism, deductive approach, cross-sectional time frame and descriptive research design. Primary research method and quantitative research choice are adopted to achieve the research objectives. The online survey research strategy is adapted to collect data.

Target population and sample

The study targets the Chinese customers that buy clothes from different online clothing stores. The convenience sampling technique used to collect data from a minimum of 200 customers.

Research instrument

An internet-mediated questionnaire with close-ended questions used as the research instrument. Multiple scales used to record the responses. Questionnaire divided into different parts, starting with introduction, web experience categories and online buying behaviour.

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