Effect of the country of origin on consumers’ buying intentions in low involvement consumer products: A survey with Chinese university teachers


This study explores the influence of country of origin image on the evaluation and buying intentions of Chinese low involvement consumer products. This objective will be accomplished by analysing the influence of COO image on purchase intentions and highlighting the possible moderating power of ethnocentrism.

Research method

Pragmatic research philosophy with descriptive research design is adopted. Primary research method with quantitative and qualitative research choice and cross-sectional survey data collection strategy adopted to accomplish the research objectives. Close-ended questionnaire for quantitative and addition of some open-ended questions to collect qualitative data.

Target population and sample

The study will target Chinese university teachers. Context is narrowed down by collecting data from management sciences faculty teaching in higher educational institutions located in Shanghai (or any other city). The probability sampling strategy used to gather opinions of at least 100 university teachers.

Research instrument

A structured questionnaire with a mix of close and open-ended questions. Mainly questions will be close-ended with five-point Likert scale. Open-ended questions will be analysed by using descriptive analysis strategy.

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