Influence of electronic banking on customer satisfaction and loyalty: A case study of Bank of China


The study aims at- understanding the level of Chinese consumers about e-banking, highlighting the important electronic banking service dimensions with a strong influence on satisfaction and loyalty, and steps that Bank of China needs to take to enhance the customer satisfaction through improved electronic banking.

Research method

Philosophy of positivism with deductive strategy and descriptive case study research design is selected for this research. Bank of China is chosen as a case study organization. The quantitative research method is selected, and the survey will be administered online. Electronic banking services will be measured across- convenience, reliability, cost, responsiveness and security.

Target population and sample

The study targets the Bank of China current customers who avail the electronic services offered by the bank. Social networking sites will be used to collect the data. The questionnaire will be uploaded online, and the link will be shared on different social media groups. Some in-person visits to different Bank of China branches will also be arranged with the help of relatives residing in China. Participants randomly selected. The intended sample size is 200 customers. A small pilot study with at least 25 customers will be conducted for checking the reliability of the research instrument.

Research instrument

The SERVQUAL scale will be adapted according to the electronic banking services to measure electronic banking services.

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