Customer knowledge and relationship management as a success driver for Chinese telecommunication firms: A case study of China Mobile


The study will evaluate how managers in China mobile view customer as a knowledge source and to what extent the company understands different customer knowledge management aspects. The study will also assess how different mechanisms are implemented to gain customer knowledge and how gained knowledge is managed and shared in the company to support innovation and drive success.

Research method

Primary research with a mixed methodology will be adopted based on pragmatic philosophy and descriptive design with a cross-sectional time frame. Descriptive case study research design is adopted by targeting China Mobile. The scope is narrowed by only collecting data from headquarters. Quantitative survey questionnaire followed by 5 in-depth structured interviews.

Target population and sample

Marketing managers (middle and senior level) working in China Mobile, headquarters. Middle managers targeted by using a quantitative questionnaire strategy and senior managers targeted through the structured interviewing approach. Random sampling will generate 50 responses from middle managers, and purposive sampling will be used to interview 5 senior marketing managers.

Research instrument

1) An online questionnaire with close-ended questions,
2) Structured interview guide.

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