Influence of marketing capabilities on the customer agility in British small and medium hotel industry


The study aims at evaluating how the marketing capabilities of the British small and medium hotel organizations influence customer agility. Marketing capabilities will be evaluated across four dimensions- marketing research, pricing and product development, distribution channels and promotion and market management.

Research method

Realist research philosophy with descriptive research design. Mix methodology will be adopted, and survey strategy will be used where quantitative survey questionnaire will be followed by some semi-structured interviews. The sequential explanatory research design adopted. Firstly, a survey will be conducted, then its results along with literature used to develop an interview guide.

Target population and sample

The target population will be owners and marketing managers of British small and medium hospitality organizations. The data will be collected from Portsmouth city. The random sampling strategy used to collect data from at least 100 participants. Snowball sampling used to conduct telephonic interviews with 3 to 4 senior managers.

Research instrument

Two research instruments. 1) Structured, internet-mediated survey questionnaire with close-ended questions, 2) semi-structured interview guide.

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