A qualitative study on evaluating the effectiveness of Instagram as a marketing tool in British small and medium fashion retail industry. (ONLY UK as there is no Instagram in China)


The purpose is to understand the marketing potential of Instagram from British SME fashion retail managers’ perspective, the consequences of using Instagram as a marketing tool and recent trends of its adoption in the chosen sector.

Research method

Interpretive philosophy, inductive approach and exploratory research design are selected. Qualitative research method and semi-structured interviewing data collection strategy are adopted to fulfil research purpose.

Target population and sample

The study is targeted towards marketing managers of British small and medium fashion retail organizations. To narrow the context, only Chester (or enter name according to your convenience, but the city should be preferably small) city will be targeted. The purposive sampling strategy used and criteria will be the targeted participant must be in the social media marketing team of the organization, the targeted organization has online presence and participant must hold a managerial position with minimum 5 years' experience. At least 7 detailed, semi-structured, telephonic interviews will be held.

Research instrument

Semi-structured interview guideline with the flexibility to ask probing questions. The questions will cover important aspects discussed in the literature.

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