Trust and risk perceptions of Chinese customers and their influence on online shopping behaviour: A comparison of millennials and non-millennials


The research is about analysing the trust and risk perceptions of Chinese customers towards online shopping and how these perceptions influence their online shopping behaviour. The participants will be divided into two age groups- millennials (18 to 24 years) and non-millennials (35 to 50 years).

Research method

The primary (quantitative research) method will be chosen, and the online close-ended questionnaire will be used to collect the data from the targeted population.

Target population and sample

The study will target Chinese customers within the age bracket of 18 to 50, divided into two groups, as mentioned before. Data from 150 millennials and 150 non-millennials will be collected.

Research context and instrument

The research context will be narrowed down by targeting the customers that do online shopping to purchase fashion and cosmetic products. The risk and trust variables will be measured across the following dimensions- Perceived risk (Privacy, source, transaction security), Perceived trust (cognitive trust, affective trust). The Likert scale will be used to measure the responses. Survey data will be analysed by evaluating the correlation values among under study variables and model the relationship between independent and dependent variables by running the regression test.

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