Marketing Dissertation Topics

Below are some marketing dissertation topics you will find useful

Influence of green marketing practices on consumer-based brand equity: An empirical analysis of the Chinese generation Y in the fashion clothing industry.

The proposed study intends to analyse the influence of green marketing practices (green production, green packaging, green promotion and green distribution) on the customer based brand equity (operationalized through brand awareness, brand association, perceived quality and brand loyalty) in Chinese fashion clothing industry.

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Effect of perceived service quality on customer loyalty: An empirical investigation into Chinese three-star vs five star hotels. (This topic to be selected for minimum 10,000 for above words thesis due to comparison)

The unique aspect of this research is that a comparative study based on stars will be conducted, which up to researcher’s knowledge has not been done before in Chinese context. The research purpose is to measure the effect of perceived service quality dimensions on the loyalty of Chinese hotel ...

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